Review – My Hero Academia: Season 3 , Ep. 1 & 2 (Spoiler Free)

My Hero Academia, the popular anime series has finally returned with it’s third season. Being simultaneously released worldwide through Crunchyroll and Hulu, the Japanese cartoon series has become a phenomenon for fans of both anime and comic books. First released as part of the Japanese manga publication Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2014, My Hero Academia became a very popular serialized comic. In 2016 the manga series became a television show and has continued to grow in popularity.

The appeal of the show (for me at least) is that we are getting an “outsiders” look at a world where 80% of the population is born with some sort of superpower, or “Quirk” as its known. The outsider in question is Izuku Midoriya, a young teenager who was born without any Quirks but has the selfless heart of a true hero. After being bestowed powers by the greatest hero of all time, All Might, Izuku begins navigating a world where he is just learning his abilities while everyone else has grown up with them. The learning curve becomes even steeper when he has to overcome this hardship while being enrolled in the most prestigious “hero school” in the world, U.A. High School.

The Story So Far…

The first season of the show explores the theme of having one of the most powerful superpowers in the world but having no knowledge of how to truly use it. With every obstacle Izuku overcomes and achievement he earns, the viewer shares in the joy the character feels. But on the flipside all of his failures (and his self sacrifice while using his powers) also are felt. The season ends after the school is attacked by a super villain team called The League of Villains lead by the decay powered Tomura, with the agenda of killing All Might. Cut off from the rest of the school and other outside heroes, we see Izuku and the rest of his classmates in Class 1-A defend the school and drive off the villains.

Izuku & All Might with students from Class 1-A


Season two is more of a continuation of the first season than a true second season as Izuku continues to harness his powers and we get to know the other students in Class 1-A. This season starts with a focus on a yearly “super Olympics” like event the school holds called . This televised competition is where the super teams of the world get their first look at the up-coming heroes and begin to woo the best-of-the-best to join their teams after graduation.

The season also sees the teens begin internships with some of these teams and Izuku begins working with the same teacher All Might had as a teenager. Under the tutelage of the Hyper Leaping Gran Torino (a short, Yoda like retired freelance hero), Izuku begins to finally understand how his superpowers work. This arc concludes with Izuku and a handful of Class 1-A students taking down the bloodthirsty super villain known as the Hero Killer: Stain.

Izuku fighting the Hero Killer: Stain


 After the battle with Stain, Izuku and the other students return to U.A. to finish out the school year. It is revealed that the students can take part in a summer program. The last episode of the season shows the students preparing for the U.A. summer camp and Izuku running into the villain Tomura in a very unlikely place.

Believe me, I am only scratching the surface of what My Hero Academia is. But I need to continue onto what the first two episodes of the third season have brought us and I don’t want to spoil too much of the first two seasons for anyone who wants to embark on this awesome story.

Here’s the intro to Season 3…for now.

Episode 39: Game Start



Denki & Minoru in their fantasy pool party world.


The episode also offers a recap of what has happened in Seasons 1 and 2 while highlighting the emotional toll the battle with Hero Killer: Stain has left on Tenya and how his friendship with Izuku and Shoto has grown after they saved him from Stain. We also get a crash course in the connection between Izuku and All Might and how much Izuku wants to be a hero like him.

We see Tomura and Kurogiri at their bar/hideout where they discuss Tomura’s hatred of the students of 1-A, and Hero Killer: Stain because they all are motivated by the actions of All Might. Kurogiri also fills us the viewer in on the person Tomura is.

We also get a refresher on the anger that courses through Katsuki and his distain for everyone in Class 1-A because he views them all as competition in becoming the most powerful hero ever.  Also, All Might meets up with Izuku at the beach where it all started and we get a flashback to their training and the Quirk “All For One”

The episode was a good refresher of the world of My Hero Academia and the parts at the school’s pool kinda reminded me of the old school X-Men pool parties, kinda. I also really dug the show’s new outro/end credits because it looked like comic panels with word balloons.

Episode 40: Wild, Wild Pussycats

The episode begins with Tomura and Kurogiri at their bar/hideout, the black market dealer/villain broker Giran arrives and informs them that the union has agreed to supply Tomura with something because they believe in him. After Giran leaves, Tomura says “All the pieces and prey have arrived at the destination. Then, its time to start the game.”

We then see the students of Class 1-A at U.A. High School being lectured by Eraserhead before they board their buses to summer camp. It is reveled that the students of Class 1-B will also be going. This is exciting because we only got a little glimpse of this class and their powers at the U.A. Sports Festival. Minoru seems happy to get more than a glimpse too, at least at the girls of Class 1-B.

Minoru watching the girls.


The bus finally makes a stop after an hour of driving. Class 1-A stops at a rest stop on the mountainside. It is here that we are introduced to two members of the superhero team The Pussycats. Izuku fills in everybody that they are a hero team known for their forest and mountain rescues.

The Pussycats quickly elude to the fact that Class 1-A is going to have to go by foot the rest of the way to the camp and they have 3 hours to get there. Everyone tries to dash back to the bus but Pussycat Pixie-bob flings them down the mountain with her earth moving ability. The class is then told that it is private land and they are free to use their Quirks.

The entire Pussycat team.


The forest that they are about to entered is called “The Beast’s Forest” by The Pussycats, and the class soon learns why as they are attacked by a large creature.

Soon they are attacked by more and it is a fun little battle to watch as Class 1-A fights the creatures. The class is use to working together now and how their Quirks play off of each other’s.

After a long battle and an even longer hike to the camp, Class 1-A finally arrives in time for dinner. It’s at this moment that Izuku calls attention to a small boy that has been accompanying the Pussycats. His name is Kota and he is Mandalay’s cousin’s son. Later on in the episode we learn he has a tragic backstory that I’m sure will become Izuku’s job to investigate and try to make right.



At the end of the episode it is revealed by Eraserhead that everyone is at the camp to improve their Quirks since the normal school year has been mostly about improving their knowledge of the world of heroes and their mental prowess.

It was a fun episode with the creature fighting and it had a couple really funny parts (one involving Minoru and a bathhouse). Can’t wait for the season to kick into high gear but so far, so good.

Eraserhead. A funny name for a not so funny character


See ya back here in a couple of weeks for quick little reviews for episodes 41 and 42!

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