Welcome to the first post from My Side of the Laundry Room. The name may be a mouth full and a little odd but it literally is the one place in the world (and my house) where I can display my dork love from the past, present, and future. Everything from Star Wars to G.I. Joe, Marvel to DC, RPG’s to Movies, and EVERYTHING in between. The list of stuff I am into is way to long to type but over time I hope to hit on all of it. So please check back often and please don’t mind the mess, we’re under construction. Oh, and this is my first time doing anything like this. I’m learning as I go along, so plan on many updates to the look and feel of the site until I find the right fit.

4 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Very nice welcome post babe and so accurate concerning your many dork interests! I know that my knowledge of everything “dork” is not as vast as yours so I am not always the best conversationalist when it comes to dork discussions. I’m sorry for that, but I know that you know that I love every dorky bit of you. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and I know it will be very entertaining and educational. I love you….to infinity and beyond! 💖


  2. Love this! Even though I am not a dork, I am married to one! I look forward to sharing this site with him! Love the title too. Congratulations!!!!!!


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