sentiMENTAL Nostalgia – PRESTO MAGIX

There are literary hundreds of things I wish I still had from my childhood, but PRESTO MAGIX is definitely close to the top of the list.

A concept so simple probably wouldn’t survive today, but when I was a kid this kept me entertained for at least an hour or two . For a very low price point, these were an awesome way for me to not leave a store empty handed. But like all great things, the good ones sold out quick and you were left with the not so great ones on the shelf. You could only do a generic Cowboy and Indians or Robin Hood so many times before you were left high and dry.

The great ones were Star Wars, GI Joe, He-Man, Spider Man, Hulk, ET, Superman, Batman, Voltron, Transformers, and even Thundar the Barbarian…the list goes on and on. PRESTO MAGIX had ALL the great licenses. As a dork kid this was like crack because it was cheap, easily produced, and I couldn’t get enough. And like any good dealer, they were holding out on the good stuff. Or so it felt like to a young dork junkie needing a fix.

Watch this commercial

Tell me you don’t want one after that!

Like with all the things I remember loving as a kid, the memories made my heart race, my mind swirl and lead me blindly to ebay. I’m a window shopper mostly, when it comes to ebay. The pictures are enough sometimes to get the blood flowing and the mind popping.I was surprised to see that still sealed sets were reasonably priced. I saw some of my favorites and some I never saw before (like a Wicket the Ewok one !). People were even selling ones that were already completed?!? No offense, but no thanks.

I had my own way of doing things.I would take time and plan where I would put my rub on transfer on the landscape. I would make sure all the characters were on display in all of their glory and never, ever use the included laser blaster trails (I felt they cluttered the picture and took away from the awesome scenes I made.) But with all that said, you will never know sorrow as deep as when you pulled away the transfer paper and some of your picture didn’t make it. You never, NEVER could line them up perfectly enough to right this hideous wrong. Every transfer you added to your landscape afterwards was labored and hollow, some of your innocence taken from you.

Man, takes me back, the good and the bad. Too bad there isn’t anything like this to share with my children. Like I said earlier, this is too simple for today’s kids. Well, I can always hope to pick one up on ebay or they make an app.


2 thoughts on “sentiMENTAL Nostalgia – PRESTO MAGIX

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am and have been short on patience my entire life so most of mine ended epic fails. But god these were great. They were in the same area as the Whitman three pack of comics at the A&P I grew up near. There was always this great decision between the two.


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