First Look – GHOSTBUSTERS trailer

Before I watched the first Ghostbusters trailer I was ready to write “Who you gonna call?…not this movie!”. But now I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Ever since this movie was announced a while ago it was overshadowed by it’s cast of ladies. The film makers were just as guilty as the “He-man women haters Clubs” that are found online, of making a huge issue about it being a cast of women. I could care less about the gender of the stars, I just want a good movie.

I’ve had some issues with other movies that have “pushed the envelope” on gender roles in comedies. Instantly you are labeled as sexist and discredited when you say you don’t like a movie like Bridesmaids, when in fact they weren’t good movies. I’ve seen most of my movies in the past seven years with my wife and nine out of ten times she felt the same way. It’s sad when in an article about the first trailer of a new movie I need to go into all of this but nowadays you need to explain that you don’t care about race, sex, sexual identity, or sexual preference, you just care about cinema.

All that being said let me say, this looks good. Have a watch.


First off, I like the look of the ghosts. The glowing and translucent effects look good and the costumes make them pop. I’m instantly on board with the ghosts all over the city streets, and what is up with that giant Jack Skelington looking dude? Slimer is back too but that is expected with a marketing machine that has already rolled out stuff like Ecto Twinkies. The humor looks good enough, I just hope all the good parts aren’t just in the trailer.

I was surprised to see the Cards at the beginning of the trailer, “30 years ago. 4 scientists saved New York”. Since day one they have advertised this movie as a reboot. Some scenes in the trailer show the same beats as the first movie (library ghost, ECTO 1) and second movie (subway ghosts) which looks like reboot territory. But the Cards make it sound like a sequel. Not a problem but I hope it gives us some glimpses at what the original crew has been up too (minus Egon a course, RIP). Most of the original cast is scheduled to return in a cameo capacity, lets hope those cameos are in the characters they made famous.

Also, has some insight into the science of the movies tech.

I’ve been a fan since day one. My grandmother took me to the theater in 1984 to see it thinking it was a kids movie by the logo poster. It took me a little bit to get the jokes but when I did I loved the movie even more. I loved the Real Ghostbusters show as well since it delved into the Tobin’s Spirit Guide and had unusual ghosts and monsters.I just hope this takes the franchise outta the grave the second movie dug. we’ll see July 15, 2016


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