BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Picture reminds me of something…

Saw this picture the other day and it did my heart good.Pictures like this make me look forward to this movie and the direction they are taking. But to be honest the reason I like this is because it reminds me of something very iconic.

Here is the picture from the movie.


And here is what it reminds me of.


Hell, Batman’s boots even have the little fins on them in the movie like how Frank Miller drew them in 1986’s Dark Knight Returns. Believe me I know this movie draws a lot of inspiration from the classic Miller tale and I dig it, but outta all the trailers and screen shots this one tugged on my heart strings the most. After the first trailer I was in after seeing Batman use his grappling gun to swing off from impending doom. Now after the last trailer I’m doubly on board. All I needed to see was Batman beating the ever loving crap outta a whole gang of dudes. But now…WOW!

Here, take another look and enjoy.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice flies (and swings) into theaters March 25, 2016



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