TV News – More DAREDEVIL Goodness

As the nonstop juggernaut of the Netflix marketing machine marches onto March 18, we are getting bombarded by some awesome media. It goes without saying that I’m super excited to see Daredevil season two but like season one, I’m patiently waiting on them to put them on Blu-ray…or for someone to share their Netflix account…joke….kinda.

Anyway, on to the Daredevil goodness…

Here is another poster.


Firstly, thank god Punisher has the skull on his chest. Over the decades Marvel has been dodgy with giving Frank Castle his trademark skull in the movies. In some of the trailers Netflix has shared Frank was sans skull. I know it’s a journey as seen in Daredevil season one to finally suit up, but it’s great to see him as his true to comic self. Punisher has come a long way from just having a skull on the pummel of a dagger.Daredevil looks great as usual, so no need to comment. Elektra though looks different than I’m use to seeing her.I guess it’s more ninja like than in the comics but wear are her sai’s? I have only seen one picture of her wielding her weapon of choice, so I hope they are used in the show as much as in the comics.

I wish I lived in a city that was cool enough to erect this.


Ok, we got our sai’s. Great. Check that off the list. But the money maker here is Punisher brandishing a Gatling gun. Well, I’m speechless…um….I’m done here.

Everyone enjoy bingeing on Daredevil next Friday and know that somewhere I’m crying.


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