TV News -Writer Behind Kevin Smith’s FLASH Episode Revealed

Through an earlier Facebook post, Kevin Smith revealed the writer of the “untitled” 21st episode of The Flash. Zack Stentz, the screen writer of X-men: First Class and Thor, wrote the script that Smith will direct. Smith had nothing but great things to say about Stentz and the script, he also added…

“We shot a scene last week in pre-production but Ep 221 officially begins today,” Smith wrote. “And I’m really nervous. I love this show so much and dread making an episode that blows.”

In a tweet Stentz confirmed the news yesterday…

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, thank you @GBerlanti@AJKreisberg@SarahSoWitty for the invite to do this!!!

— Zack Stentz (@MuseZack) March 15, 2016

This episode is shaping up to have an out of this world pedigree, but lets be honest, this show has been awesome week after week no matter who is writing or behind the camera. But it’s great when a fellow dork gets the chance to work on something their passionate about.






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