New X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Trailer (with a dose of rant)

There would have been a time in my life when I would have crawled over broken glass to see a movie like this. Now, not so much. I’m a person who watches every comic book movie with the wide eyed  joy of a child. The child I was in the eighties that combed the pages of Comic Scene magazine believing every nugget of Hollywood news regarding upcoming movies. Some of those movies still haven’t been made, some have, but I had to wait 20 to 30 years  first. I’m also the person that says “Just be happy, it could be like the Dolph Lundgren Punisher.” or “Hey, I remember a time when there were no comic movies.”, meaning, just enjoy them and shut up.

But this is where I draw my line in the sand, X-men movies. It’s not that they are bad movies, I find them entertaining. I just have a personal problem with them. Bryan Singer is the anti-Joel Schumacher and I get it, but  I need costumes damnit. We live in a world where Marvel doesn’t pull any punches with their character designs and costumes (other than Hawkeye), so to me black leather falls short. I wasn’t happy about it when the first X-men came out, but people were quick to defend it by saying “costumes don’t work in the real world” or “Remember Captain America’s rubber ears”. But, that has changed. Costumes work and I’m spoiled. Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen have costumes, why not our heroes? (Archangel’s is LAME though, would one more blue person kill ya). And don’t get me started on Nightcrawler’s face “tattoo” crap.

Speaking of costumes, why the heck can’t they put Mystic in a white dress and cut that scale crap out….I could go on and on…ugh! Sorry, I just meant to say I’m not excited.

Here’s the trailer


The X-men arrive bland and costume-less on May 27,2016.

3 thoughts on “New X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Trailer (with a dose of rant)

  1. Don’t ever forget that Singer did that god awful Superman (poor Brandon Routh) movie. They didn’t tap him for Man of Steel for a reason. The only thing he has had any success was the X-men franchise so Fox doesn’t question any of his decisions. I agree that who would it kill to put a f%@$ing yellow X on there costume and don’t get me started on Wolverine. The interesting thing is what will Fox do after this ship sails. There aren’t any real iconic X stories with out other Marvel heroes after this. Five years comes quick.


    1. Sadly I don’t know if that 5 year clause is just on X-men or all Mutants. If all Mutants we’re screwed because Deadpool (nothing bad against the movie) is gonna keep that boat afloat for awhile. Maybe if Singer goes away it could be better. Even as the world of comic movies changes around him, he clings to the crap that ruined comics in the early 2000’s.


  2. Yeah that whole mess with Fox, Marvel, and Disney and the time line scenario is a mess. Trust me if there is a X ensemble cast movie he (Singer) will be tapped. I would love to see some one else in charge of that franchise but I think that will be awhile. With the last Wolverine movie (with Jackman) coming and Deadpool making a gazillion dollars Fox will run the mutants until Marvel/Disney just buys the rights.


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