New Trailer for Huntsman: Winter’s War

I don’t know what to think about this sequel. As a fan of fantasy I know I will see this at some point but the first one didn’t WOW me enough to warrant any excitement. The first one (or second since this is a prequel) had a lot of promise and painted a really interesting fantasy setting. But it also had a lot against it too. I felt it hurried too much to the ending and Kristen Stewart just plain sucks at acting….in everything. Also with all the behind the scenes drama that sprung from the director’s affair with Stewart (Why? How? She has zero personality), the movie just had a sour taint to it. But all the Dwarves, creatures, and Thor made it enjoyable. Let hope those things can (again) can make this movie better than Snow White and the Huntsman was.


Thor chops his way into theaters a month from today on April 22, 2016


2 thoughts on “New Trailer for Huntsman: Winter’s War

  1. On this one it was not about personality trust me. That was all about conquest……Ill see it but I am not seeing it in theaters.


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