Dork Highlights from Easter Break.

I Realized I haven’t posted anything since last week. My slightly extended Easter/Spring break was busy and very good. Any time with my family is appreciated and enjoyed. My son and daughter both loved their visit from the “Great Furry One” and his basket of joy. Let me hit a few highlights from the past week that pertain to DORKNESS .

These are in no particular order…And I’ll return to a regular schedule next week.

  1. ‘Zootopia’


My wife and I took our three year old daughter to the movies after the Easter Bunny placed a note saying we would in one of the eggs he hid in our house. The whole family loved it and like most kid’s movies nowadays it had something for everyone. I was also very proud of my three year old for being so good in her first real outing to the theater. She loved it and is a big fan of Judy Hopps now (more on that later). I am a huge fan of the 80’s RPG  ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other strangeness’ (and most anthropomorphic animal stuff…and not in that way!), and I was amazed no one in the movie lowered their Size Level for extra Bio-E or spent BIO-E to be a little taller. Small animals are still small and big animals are still big, it adds some extra cuteness and also some extra cool ideas of all these critters living together.I have to admit when we were first introduced to the city of Zootopia I kinda teared up because it was so beautiful and fantastical and it placed me in a world I wish I would have created when I ran my TMNT campaigns. Great movie and Jason Bateman as well as the whole cast were top-notch. Makes me wish I had time to run a new TMNT game.

2. ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’


Sunday’s episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, titled ‘Trans-dimensional’ (also a name of a ‘TMNT and other strangeness’ book) was pretty cool. I’m a fan of this cartoon. I think it blends all the Turtles media and myths nicely…plus what other kid’s show has the balls to blow up Earth and place our heroes in space for a whole season. This episode brings that wonderful blending to the forefront. The Turtles from this series get transported from their ship to the New York of the animated show from the late 80’s. The are rendered in the style of the original animated show and meet their counterparts of that dimension. It was very funny to have the Turtles from now call out the Turtles from the 80’s for not using their weapons and using improvised items in fights (like pizza), also compared side by side the original Turtles fought horribly. All 8 Turtles return to the New York from the “new” show, and it was interesting to see them animated in CG but retain their cartoon appearance. (Funny side note: The 80’s Turtles were also scared of “new” Splinter.). The best part was when the Krang’s bombing plot took some of the Turtles to the “Prime Dimension”. The “Prime Dimension” was the original black and white comic. This criminally quick segment was like a motion comic and featured real panels from the comic by Eastman and Laird. My daughter remarked that those Turtles were the “Bad” ones…oh the things kids say. No, they were the Best ones.

3. Disney: Infinity


The Easter Bunny also dropped a few Disney Infinity figures into the Basket. He left us Darth Vader, Judy Hopps, and Olaf from Frozen. All three of them play great and have some really neat attacks and animations. As an added bonus the Vader figure is one of the exclusive Light FX figures and his Lightsaber glows with a brilliant red light when placed on the base. As always with this game, it’s cool to have characters from either Disney, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars team up. So it was a blast when I was allowed to either play Vader teamed with Judy Hopps or when I was “asked” to play Olaf with Officer Hopps. My daughter got a kick out of Vader whipping his lightsaber at fools or Olaf sneezing his carrot nose as a projectile.

4. ‘Batman V. Superman’


Wow, people hated this flick. I’m glad I usually wait til cable or Blu-ray to watch most of my movies. It sounds like it has a ton of stuff that would make me excited but it sounds like it was also missing the ONE important thing…HEART. I’ll reserve my judgment until I get a chance to see it. But it sounds like it has enough DC dork stuff to coast over the rough spots of story and character portrayal.

5. Supergirl – Worlds Finest


CBS reported that ratings were an all time high for this episode of ‘Supergirl’. Honestly, I’ve only had a chance to watch half of ‘Worlds Finest’ and I enjoyed what I saw. Most of my TV viewing happens over the weekends, so I’ll get to it soon. Along with ‘Gotham’, ‘Flash’, ‘Arrow’, and ‘Legends’…oh and the finale of ‘Rebels’

6. Star Wars: Rebels – The Mystery of Chopper Base


The Mystery of Chopper Base is a great story driven episode disguised as filler. The Rebel’s new base on Attolon is plagued be giant spider creatures called Krykna. Our heroes go out to eliminate the threat. The whole adventure has a dark cloud over it because Kanan, Ahsoka, and Ezra are readying to leave for Malachor, and there are no guarantees they will survive. The deeper aspects of this episode are Ezra running into a creature he can’t reach with the Force and how that pushes him to try harder, even though it’s deemed hopeless (could be foreshadowing the upcoming run in with the Sith). Also the tenderness Kanan and Hera share at the end of the episode. I’ve always had the impression that they were a couple that has been together for years, with their duty to the Rebellion changing their priorities to each other. But with Kanan leaving and with a high possibility of his death, they share a tender and emotional embrace with him telling her that “They will see each other again”.


That’s it for now. I’m sure I’m missing some stuff but I’m being lapped by newer news and newer episodes, no point on dwelling in the past any longer.



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