First Trailer for STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE

When Disney and Lucasfilm Announced they were doing away with the Expanded Universe it was a crippling blow to us Star Wars fans. A few years later they announced that they were going to release movies outside of the tri-trilogy bubble. I was optimistic but ready to be burned. I mean, yes we got a get movie with ‘Force Awaken’ but before that we got three real stinkers with the prequels.

The first movie in this cinematic “expanded universe” is ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale’. All the news coming out about this movie made it seem solid and a great launching point. It had it’s feet in a side story we’ve known about but at the same time know nothing about. I was excited to see anything Star Wars, after ‘Force Awakens’ I felt like a kid again and I wanted more. Disney could have given us given us a steaming pile of crap with a Star Wars banner attached after “Awakens”, but It really seemed that Disney was aiming to make a good movie with ‘Rogue One’, not just coast on dork love (like I have for the Universe).

Finally the trailer has been delivered to us…and WOW. This looks fantastic and if I can’t have my Expanded Universe anymore, give me more movies like this please.

Stormtroopers, AT-AT’s, Donnie Yen, and Ghost Dog himself Forrest Whitaker. I’m excited all over again and I honestly feel like a kid again, again. I hope every year from here on out feels like the past two. I can’t say enough and at the same time I’m speechless….WOW can’t wait until December.

Directed by ‘Godzilla’s’ Gareth Edwards, ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ boasts the all star cast of Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Diego Luna, and , Forrest Whitaker. ‘Rogue One’ tells a story from the early days of the Rebellion, somewhere between ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ and ‘A New Hope’. Specifically, the film will detail how Rebel spies obtained and smuggled the technical plans of the first Death Star right under the Empire’s noses and into the hands of the Rebellion.

I apologize if this post is a little all-over-the-place, but my head is swimming from this trailer….Sorry…LOL!!


3 thoughts on “First Trailer for STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE

  1. As some one who was some what happy that the expanded universe went away I am excited for this. No one was watching what was being done when the licenses were being sold to whom ever had a Coke Zero and money. The universe grew and just contradicted itself over and over. A clean slate was needed and from what I have read there are some real watch dogs controlling the growth rate so for that I am excited. Rogue one looks good and I am sure will rob me of at least 100 dollars at the box office.


    1. True, it ended up being a huge mess but it started in the late 70’s/early 80’s with the few novels and comics that were released. It was a mess from the beginning. So I always cherry picked what I liked and ignored what I didn’t (I mostly liked the tales from West End Games). I agree it was a great idea to cut the line from the Extended Universe so they can make their own…but after years and years of Marvel and DC pulling the rug out from under us with reboots, it was a bit scary to think Star Wars was rebooting too. With the comics, it’s one of the reasons I abandoned todays comics and focus on collecting runs from the 80’s. But, like I said after Force Awakens….TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY!! It’s priceless to feel like a kid again and share thoughts and pour over details like you’re on the playground again.


  2. That crap and the god awful prequels made me turn my back on Star Wars untill the word got to me that Disney was purchasing my childhood I mean Star wars. Watching DVD copies of the theatrical releases of Star Wars was all I had. I even fell out with the toys. Until the Black series stuff came out. I agree that comics buy and large are rehashed stories that we grew up with and buy and large publishing from the big two is garbage. There are some exceptions there always are but Star wars is back and so far has been handled better then Lucas the hutt ever did. Great innovator, but story teller and director not so much. Pour over details is what we do best.


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