The world of Harry Potter is one of the tent poles Warner Bros. is counting on nowadays. It
was reported that Warner Bros. is lowering the amount of movies they release yearly and focusing on their “sure bets” like the DC Universe and the Harry Potter Universe. This might be good for us fans but could be very bad for cinema as a whole. Some movies deserve to be made but don’t have the pedigree that the WB is looking for now.

All that being said, this movie looks like an awesome start to the Harry Potter Spin-off universe. It includes all the little magic tidbits that made these great stories to read and watch over the years. One thing that always interested me the most about the J.K. Rowling books was the wizard world coexisting within the muggle world. The Deathly Hollows explored this a little with the Death Eaters going around and destroying stuff in “our” world and the bits about Harry’s summers with the Muggles. So with this movie taking place in New York, it should be pretty neat.  It also has some stars in it that surprise me like Colin Farrell and Dan Fogler. Cant wait until its release in November 2016.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Stars Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne ,who plays  world-famous magizoologist and author Newt Scamander, Katherine Waterston as Tina; Alison Sudol as Queenie; Dan Fogler as Jacob; Jenn Murray as Chastity; Ezra Miller as Credence; Colin Farrell as Graves; Samantha Morton as Mary Lou; and Faith Wood-Blagrove as Modesty.


5 thoughts on “New Trailer for FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM

  1. This looks good and I truly can’t wait. WB can go screw itself with regards to there tent pole bs. Here is the secret get better talent to direct produce and star in you’re other tent pole movie’s (DC). Listen to the fans, you’re source material isn’t the issue. You’re moth to flame mentality is. Batman makes money why? Because you have the right system in place for those movies right actor, right director, right writer. Why were the Schumacher films a mess because you didn’t have any of that working for you. Has Disney beet you to all the writing, directing, and actors in Hollywood? It certainly seems so. But there will be people at WB that will just wonder what happened with Dawn of Justice and people will be fired or what happened. Sell DC to Disney so before I die I can see one decent DC movie that doesn’t have Batman in it. Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern maybe next time it could be Jack Black……..WTF.


    1. There are a ton of different reasons for people to read comic books. and then a ton of different things people get out of reading the stories in those comics. The past couple years Warner Bros. has had a few different people steering their DC movies, all with different views of the characters and stories. On the TV side, those people “get it” and bring the child like awe that they garner from comics. On the movie side we have Snyder who likes comics for the violent spectacle of super powers, Nolan who likes the dark complex mythos of heroes and villains, and Campbell who showed love for swashbuckling adventure in Zorro but succumbed to FX overkill and is a director just getting a paycheck and has no LOVE for the source materials. In the right hands we might be surprised at what Warner Bros. can do. We have a couple of new directors to the DCU bringing movies to the screen, lets hope they have some heart and respect the characters. Snyder killed Jimmy Olsen because he viewed him as a red head, freckled dweeb…no respect for the history, no matter what you think of the character. I think Snyder must have loved Image comics in the 90’s.


  2. I agree and if you dangle a Supreme or Cyber Force script in front of Snyder he will make that pile of crap too. DC/WB has and is short sighted. The TV people get it and should let them take a crack at the cinema world. I will bet that Legends of Tomorrow will be better then JLA part 1. So help me god if they think bye keeping the the two worlds separate (movie and TV) in a attempt to make some Crisis crap on the big screen. Then I will truly be done with DC, and WB.


    1. Well you might be in luck because Snyder has said that the TV shows are too funny and light to be included in his DC universe. Cyber Force…Supreme…you give way too much credit. I think Bloodwulf and Young Blood are more his taste lol.


  3. You are so right Youngblood would be perfect. Snyder and Liefeld could walk around and remark on each other’s jeans. They could call the movie Youngblood Titans West, and Affleck could play Shaft since he is used to getting it. You know Snyder is so right about the tv shows being funnier maybe that’s why they are better. I am sure it has nothing to do with writing casting or directing. None of that can be the issue.


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