sentiMENTAL Nostalgia – Moss Man

They say that Olfactory Memories are the strongest memories any living creature can have. It is one of the first senses we use to remember who are mother is and is a memory that is resistant to interference.


When the Moss Man figure was released in 1985 his “special” ability was having a scent. I can’t really describe the scent, but I always found it pleasant (I’ve read that it was supposed to be a pine scent). I was first introduced to Moss Man when I received it in my Easter Basket. It blew my mind. First it was a brand new He-Man figure that I had no idea existed (things were different in 1985), second was the smell coupled with the “mossy” covering on his body. I found this scratchy green and brown covering very cool. It didn’t dawn on me until much later that he was just a spruced (tree pun) repaint of Beast Man. He was a character not really used on the original cartoon (only on two episodes) or the comic book, but I always liked him.


This morning I had a quick discussion with a co-worker. After she walked off I caught a whiff from my childhood…Moss Man. Whatever perfume she was wearing was straight ‘ode to Eternia, essence to Moss Man. This was a smell that instantly took me back to a simpler time.  Sadly this is a subject that had to never move forward with because I would have liked to ask what it was so I could buy it for my wife. How would someone react if you said they smelled like a creature named Moss Man? Or even if I said it smelled like a toy from my youth, they would ask “what kind of toy”? I’m sure at the end of the day my wife would be relived to not get a gift from me just because it reminded me of a toy…named Moss Man.

I looked into Moss Man after being taken back to Easter morning 1985. I found that the Master of the Universe line has been revamped many times over, over the years. I’ve followed some of these toy lines, but I eventually got left behind when my collecting days were behind me. Here is a recent version of Moss Man with his buddy He-Man. Man, he looks awesome!!


They have even given him a great back story printed on the back of his new packaging.


I’m so happy to see this character grow (another pun) with every generation of the toy line and cartoon. He is a brick in my dork/life’s foundation that my side of the laundry is built on. And he always will have a place in my memory because of his smelly action feature.


9 thoughts on “sentiMENTAL Nostalgia – Moss Man

  1. Since you posted this I have been looking on E-bay alot and the new MOTUC toys They are nice like nice enough to buy crack open the package and preten that I am 7 years old again. They certainly are not on the cheap side but still nice toys.


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