Toho has unleashed a new trailer for ‘Godzilla: Resurgence’. The first teaser they revealed a few months ago was the true definition of teaser as it only showed crowds running and screaming from the KING OF MONSTERS and ends with his ominous roar.

Now, Toho isn’t playing around. They show us the King in all of his scarred, radiated glory. It has been over a decade since we had a true-blue Godzilla movie produced by Toho with ‘Godzilla: Final Wars’ in 2004 (which was also Godzilla’s 50th birthday). In 2014 we had our second Hollywood version of Godzilla, which was leaps and bounds better than the first attempt in 1998, but there’s nothing like the real thing, baby!

Piggy-backing on the success of 2014’s ‘Godzilla’ by Legendary Pictures, Toho has stated that now is the best time to “reboot” the original Godzilla on their home soil. To be honest, for a reboot Godzilla looks a little worse for wear. Toho has said that they wanted to make a scarier version of the Godzilla suit. Also, Godzilla stands at 118.5 meters tall which is 10 meters taller than the Legendary version.

The movie is directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi (both collaborated on the anime ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion), Anno writing the screenplay and Higuchi directs the film’s special effects. The movie opens in the “Land of the Rising Sun” on July 29, 2016. No word yet on when we’ll get a chance to see it.

**Authors Note**

‘Godzilla: Final Wars’ is one of the best Godzilla movies, EVER. It was directed by Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus) and serves as Godzilla’s “greatest hits” as most of the other kaiju from the franchise make appearances. Good jumping on point for anyone not familiar with the Japanese series. It’s a fun movie with great kaiju action and just the right amount of cheese.


One thought on “New Trailer for GODZILLA : RESURGENCE

  1. As a fan of Godzilla I couldn’t be happier. If TOHO never did another Godzilla movie Final Wars would have been the greatest swan song.


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