First Look at Elliott from Pete’s Dragon

When I started ‘My Side of the Laundry Room’, one of my very first posts was the trailer for ‘Pete’s Dragon’. I would be amiss if I didn’t give a follow up with this new bit of info.
Entertainment Weekly posted an exclusive picture on their twitter page of Elliott the Dragon.


The first thing I notice is that this Elliott is a lot bigger than the one from the 1977 film. Second is the fur. I think he looks good and I think it’s great that they redesigned him from the ground up. Plus he’s a dragon that lives in the colder climate of the North East, so yeah, fur.

I’ve seen some hate online for the new design. People don’t get the fur or the color and one person said it’s more like a Griffon. A Griffon? Do you know what a Griffon is?

Feathers not fur,Beak not snout. I can see the confusion…

I grew up on a healthy diet of fantasy and sci-fi from hundreds of different sources. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of different Dragon designs over the decades and this isn’t as far out there as people want to believe it is. Heck, those same people throwing hate probably love Falcore from ‘Never Ending Story’ and guess what? He’s furry!
So cut the new Elliott some slack. I Hated the original movie, so there is no where to go but up in my book.

Disney’s ‘Pete’s Dragon’ comes to theaters on August 12, 2016


3 thoughts on “First Look at Elliott from Pete’s Dragon

    1. Falcore is alright. His design is based on Chinese myth. But as a kid he always gave me the creeps, well his scales did at least. To me, they always looked like iridescent, bulbous sacks that looked like they could pop. They didn’t come off as scales to me, at the time. But my ire comes from people who think dragons only look one way, when through out history myths have depicted them in hundreds of different ways. Add sci-fi and fantasy to that and we have thousands of different dragon types. And for him not looking like the original…thank god…come to think of it that version had hair too!!


  1. Yeah it was blond “Moe cut”. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes so there is no right or wrong. I will say there have been a lot of bad dragon interpretations through out cinema. Eragon comes to mind almost immediately. I am sure if I think about it there are others.


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