New Trailer for WARCRAFT

This is the third trailer to come from the Duncan Jones directed fantasy movie ‘Warcraft’. I once upon a time was a huge World of Warcraft player and before that dabbled in the RTS Warcraft games. I have always been a fan of the world of Warcraft but the daily grind of a guild made it feel too much like work, so I walked away. Anyways…

After the first trailer, I was on board. ANY epic fantasy, I’m on board. Second trailer really wowed me. Third trailer…not so much, but still cool regardless. Shows a little more of the spell slinging being used in the movie and a couple more Dwarves.

I’m excited for any high flying, grand fantasy movie. Since the ‘Hobbit’ movies are done and who-knows what the D&D movie will deliver, Warcraft looks to be the ticket.  International posters and trailer throw the tag of “part one” on the flick. I hope it is a new franchise and brings to the screen other highlights of the History of Azeroth. Even if we don’t get more history, just keep giving me Orcs on wolves and Dwarves firing flintlock pistols.

The movie comes to theaters June 10,2016



2 thoughts on “New Trailer for WARCRAFT

  1. I am really looking forward to this and ID4 2. You know why? No expectations. No personal attachment to either films. Not worrying if Hollywood is going to screw up this character or this origin story. I plan on seeing both in theaters with my partner in crime, my daughter and maybe my wife if her schedule permits.I just want to be entertained for 4-5 hours between the two films. WOW hold no special feelings and buy and large I don’t look back at my time playing this game with many fond memories. Just a bunch of want to be important in some world cry baby megalomaniacs who never leave there computer room. I do miss Barrens chat. That was funny.


    1. I have no fond memories of the game itself, but I do miss the lore and stuff. I do have regrets about the game and buying into the guild B.S. I wasted so much time and did become one of those megalomaniacs for a time. I became a dick and I still regret it to this day. Movie looks good though


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