Russian Super Hero Movie “GUARDIANS” Looks Awesome!

I saw a teaser trailer for this flick awhile back and sadly I lost sight of it on my radar, that is until two trailers were dropped on us last week. Sorry it took me so long to post. This movie looks awesome and has a little freshness mixed with a Marvel super group I always had a soft spot for, The Super Soviets.

Super Soviets01.jpg

Also the stone controller dude reminds me of the stone controller player class in the MMORPG ‘City of Heroes’. All around, looks RAD!!

Here’s trailer #1

And here is trailer #2. The second trailer is a scene featuring the teams “speedster” Khan.

I’ve only seen a few Russian movies over the years. Night Watch and Day Watch being some of my favorite movies of all time. I know Hardcore Henry was also a Russian export and look balls to the wall fun. So in my limited experience I have very high hopes for this movie. Honestly, I don’t know much about this movie other than its directed by Sarik Andreasyan  and he sounds like a pretty big deal in Russian cinema. He has many credits to his name and has garner some big hits in Europe.

Hope this flick hits our shores sooner rather than later’Guardians’ will be released on February 23, 2017 in Russia; no American release date has been announced…yet.


8 thoughts on “Russian Super Hero Movie “GUARDIANS” Looks Awesome!

    1. “It’s the quickening Highlander” says the Spanish man played by a Scottish man. Oh, ‘Highlander’ you so crazy! My favorite was when someone would whip out a claymore while wearing jeans and a t-shirt like it ain’t no thang.


  1. Watched this movie in not the greatest quality and it was all around a solid movie in its own right.The Gaurdians (“The Super Soviets”)were done very well,and you really care about the characters.I didn’t understand a word of the movie and I was still engrossed from the very beginning to the very end and that says a lot.I’m seriously glad that a director from Russia did this movie as a refreshing take on these great (Russian/Slavik) characters .Great job on Gaurdians,and hope to see a sequel soon.

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