New Trailer for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (“zero” rant this time)

After the latest trailer for X-men: Apocalypse, I may have to retract a few complaints I’ve have for the Mutant franchise…but only a few. Hey, I have 16 years of rage to work through here. But I have to admit that this looks like a good movie and I saw a couple kinda costumes on some of the players, so that takes care of one of my complaints. Now I have to see it to see if they fix anything else. Oh, and Wolverine is in it…again. It’s like the 90’s again. Put Wolverine or Punisher on a low selling¬†Marvel cover to try and sell the book. Ok, sorry…should change my post title to “just a tiny rant this time”. LOL

The movie comes out May 18, 2016…do you think it has the stuff to over throw¬† ‘Captain America: Civil War’…honestly, I hope not.


3 thoughts on “New Trailer for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (“zero” rant this time)

    1. After this trailer I’m a little bit more sold on the idea. But, I can’t wait for the day when Singer isn’t involved and the X-Men are free of the boxed universe he created for them 16 years ago. I mean really, couldn’t they use the time reset to do away with Nightcrawler’s stupid tattoo/scar stuff. Why isn’t being blue enough for these characters?


  1. You know why, not edgy enough. Part of that is Marvels fault. In the late seventies blue ink must have been cheap because every damn character had blue skin hair what have you. Picture it a group Marvel talent sitting around a table when someone says…. “Hey Stan some one in procurement triple ordered blue ink what should we do?” Stan yells “Excelsior make all the mutants blue. Blue costumes for the x-men blue hair for Beast! Who are those new characters make them blue to. All the fan boys will think there related for the next thirty years”. Then Stan hops on a shield flying car and flies to Hollywood and does voice over work for Spiderman and his Amazing friends.

    At least that how it should have went.


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