5 Reasons Why Hollywood Should Make An ALPHA FLIGHT Movie

First appearing in X-Men #120 in 1979, Alpha Flight was created by John Byrne doing his  defining period with the flagship X-title. At first they were nothing more than background characters from Wolverine’s past who come calling to return Logan to his post with the

 Canadian Government. By 1983 they began their run of an ongoing series. The series lasted until 1994. Since 1994, Alpha Flight was brought back with two re-launches but nothing was as great or groundbreaking as their first 130 issue run.

1.  Ties to Wolverine


One of the most popular comic book heroes of all time is Wolverine. This has transitioned onto the big screen with Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the Canadian powerhouse. Back before all the James Howlett nonsense, Wolverine only had one origin and it tied directly to two of Alpha Flight’s members. James and Heather Hudson (Guardian & Vindicator) were traveling through the Canadian wilderness when they came across a berserk Logan. After shooting him, they nursed him back to health and sanity. From there Logan joined Department H with the Hudson’s and became Wolverine. With what looks to be the inclusion of Wolverine escaping the Weapon X program in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and with Jackman ready to hang up the claws after ‘Wolverine 3’ it could be a good time to have Wolverine wander the wilderness a bit and make his return in an Alpha Flight movie with a new actor replacing Jackman.

2. Marvel’s First Openly Gay Character

northstar01.jpgIn a time where there is an outcry for studios to include more LGBT characters into their franchises, bringing Northstar into the Fox side of the MCU seems like a no-brainer. Jean-Paul Beaubier was a gold metal winning Olympic skier who, along with his twin sister, was a founding member of Alpha Flight. Loving his fame as an Olympian and super hero, Northstar was always the pompous ass of Alpha Flight who created friction with his team and the readers themselves. What made the matter worse was he used his mutant ability of super speed to become the best skier in the world. After Jean-Paul revealed to the world that he was gay, his mood became lighter as he let go of his anger because he could be himself. Many years later in the pages of Astonishing X-Men, Northstar was the groom in the highly publicized first same sex marriage in the Marvel Universe.

3. Transgender Issues


Back in the late 80’s, Alpha Flight began a story arc with their character Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski) that touched on issues of gender identity. It was presented in such a way that as a reader you could understand the struggle, while also never stripping away the humanity. Of course this was presented in a comic book so it was steeped in fantasy, but it never overshadowed the emotions of a man beginning to identify with the female body he was in. It began when Alpha Flight member, Walter Langkowski gained the power to turn into a Sasquatch type creature, via a gamma experiment similar to that which turned Bruce Banner into The Hulk. However, nobody knew his Sasquatch form was linked to The Realm of Great Beast and was being taken over by an evil entity called Tanaraq.  Eventually, Tanaraq gained full control and Snowbird was forced to transform into a white Sasquatch and kill him, leaving Walter’s spirit without a body.  Eventually when Snowbird died (in Sasquatch form), Walter took over her body, but when in human form, he was in Snowbird’s female form. He decided to go by Wanda Langkowski, and moved forward with his new life with grace. Eventually, Snowbird returned to life and both characters regained their original anatomy.

4. Introduction of Magic in the Fox MCU


With the Doctor Strange movie coming soon from Marvel, Fox needs to play catch up and Alpha Flight is a good way to start. A lot of the members of Alpha Flight have ties to the magic world, but are so far removed from Doctor Strange that it won’t cause any legal issues. Shaman and his daughter Talisman both wield magic from their Native American heritage. Puck is possessed by an  ancient sorcerer called Black Raazer, which has left him as a dwarf but with immortality. Snowbird is an Inuit Goddess. Native American lore played a large part of the Alpha Flight story from villains to heroes and everything in between. It is a treasure trove of interesting and unique ideas that Fox could use in their X-Universe.

5. It’s Canadian, eh.


’nuff said!


Now I could be completely wrong as to who owns this property but I would assume it’s Fox since Alpha Flight has always been an off-shoot of the X-men, even though they lack a large mutant roster. Alpha flight has always been one of my favorite comics and one of the titles I was blessed to have a subscription too back in the day. I would love to see this dark little corner of the Marvel Universe explored, but only if it’s from the original series. The later stories didn’t have the same mixture of adult themes, mysticism, and action as the original.


P.S. Puck was my favorite!!

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Hollywood Should Make An ALPHA FLIGHT Movie

  1. This book is how I found the x-men. I read AP way way before I picked up x-book. Of course back then there just used to one x-title, if you count Classic X-men there was two. I have disagree with the author above but I loved the later issues with the new cast of characters especially Box. So knowing Fox they will cherry pick the best characters of the three rosters went through that book.AP via Department H has so many ties to the mutant universe and characters that have bank rolled FOX like Deadpool. This is my favorite super/mutant team ever beside GOG that this would make my year.


    1. I love the later books too. Just the original run though,When Jim Lee was on board for a short time, it was the best looking book around I tried jumping back on when they re-launched, and it had great ideas, but it wasn’t the Alpha Flight I loved. . Box would have been my sixth reason to make this movie, believe me, he was one of my favorites too. I could have made this list twice as long just with the stuff I LIKE but I was approaching this from a studio standpoint and all the things “that could pop” in today’s market. Shit, I would love to see Goblyn on screen.


  2. I don’t believe Fox can do an Alpha Flight film -or at least call it Alpha Flight since Disney trademarked the name a few years ago. There is also precedent of properties like Inhumans that debuted in another Fox licensed comic property, Fantastic Four -yet that team is obviously still with Marvel Studios. So with that as an example, why can’t Alpha Flight be in a similar position?


    For the characters, I suppose it depends if you believe Alpha Flight is a ‘mutant’ book like any of the other X-titles or a superhero team like the Avengers. According to Chris Claremont, he wanted to create a Canadian team to be that countries Avengers -not another X-Men team. The only mutants, Northstar and Aurora were created to be twins but weren’t given any identity outside of that until John Bryne wrote them in the Alpha Flight comic. Anything introduced by John Bryne in the Alpha Flight comic would belong to Disney since they own the teams trademark thus they should own its contents. That would certainly apply to Marrina and Puck who were introduced in Alpha Flight #1. Also would apply to Talisman and Vindicator, who gained their superhero identities in Alpha Flight and are not intricately involved with X-Men as a team.

    Regarding the other characters, as was already mentioned only 2 of the original team, Northstar and Aurora are mutants. Do they fall with Fox merely because they are mutants? Fox does not own the rights to the Secret Warrior mutants like Quake and Hellfire -so the studio does not own ALL mutants. For example, Fox does not own the mutant, Psylocke in her British identity or Meggan, a mutant shapeshifter since both characters were created through Marvel UK and were outside X-Men despite their histories with X-men characters. At best, Northstar and Aurora could be co-owned by both Marvel Studios and Fox. At worst, the twins association with various X-Men teams after Alpha Flight’s cancellation might allow Fox to claim them totally. Is there enough history outside the X-Men to allow Marvel to claim them as well -just as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are jointly owned.

    My belief is since Disney trademarked the name Alpha Flight, Fox can’t make a film by that name. Out of the original team, Northstar and Aurora are most likely joint-owned by Marvel Studios and Fox.. The rest of the characters like Sasquatch, Snowbird, Shaman, Talisman, Puck and Marrina have histories outside the X-Men properties and aren’t mutants so it’s most likely Fox does not own those characters.. Department H may also be a joint-owned property since both studios have name-dropped that organization in their separate universes. But Department H could only be used by Fox in regards to how that organization relates to Wolverine. James Hudson could be a peripheral character for Fox but his superhero identity might be owned by Marvel Studios. Heather Hudson became Vindicator in Alpha Flight so Marvel might still own that character and her superhero identity.

    Bottom line -since Disney owns the team name. And since practically all the characters are not mutants, I don’t think Fox can do much with Alpha Flight. I wouldn’t expect a team appearance -maybe Northstar and Aurora and Department H -but that’s pretty much all I could expect to see come out of Fox. And that may not be worth it to the studio to warrant further investigation.


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Only cited FOX because Alpha Flight has always fell into the mutant wheel house with me. I usually reference the TSR source book ‘Children of the Atom’ for most of my mutant id’s, since my heart strings are definitely connected to the comic books of the 80’s. That said, I always connect them to mutants and than connect that to FOX. Either way I think in this day and age you can’t go wrong with a team that is that diverse on the big screen. That could appeal to a diverse audience without changing any characters or origins, while also having a super team that can span multiple genre’s of movies. Thank you for the info. Kinda bums me out though because I think FOX would take a chance on it before Disney would. Thanks again and welcome to the site.


      1. Alpha Flight’s name did appear in the files Mystique stole from Stryker’s computer in X-men 2, and I’ve always heard their comic fell under the X-editors at Marvel so I would think Fox at least owns the rights to the characters who appeared in Volume 1 of the series.
        Two minor corrections: Northstar and Aurora were never elves, that was a lie told by Loki to mess with them, and the word is “eh” not “aye”. ; )
        And since Puck is your favourite… Reason #6 for 5 Reasons Why Hollywood Should Make An Alpha Flight Movie: Peter Dinklage as Puck!


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