2016, The Year of the STAR WARS Fan Film. Part 2.

Back in March I posted “2016, The year of the STAR WARS fan film? “. That was only 2 months ago (though it feels much longer) and we have a batch of new fan films, truly making this the year of the Star Wars fan film. So without further ado…

Empire Strikes Back – 007 Version

This mash up is very, very skillfully done. Sadly, the music came down over copyright shenanigans but that only slightly diminishes how great this video is. I love how the credits are displayed in a ‘Star Wars: Battle Front’ kinda way, and all the visuals are spot on for both franchises. Bravo, Darky Grevious. Check out his YouTube Site Here to see a whole batch of deleted scenes and documentaries from ‘Star Wars’.

Star Wars: Exile – EP 1

Exile borders on the extreme as it features a gruesome use of the force by an Inquisitor who is hunting down Jedi during the time of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’. This film also goes all the way with fan service as it has cameos by Boba Fett and Vader. All that aside, it is a good first part of something I hope expands over time. I definitely want to see more outta this crew of film makers and actors. You can get all the details within their YouTube post.

An Unexpected Ally

An Unexpected Ally is as simple as you can get with a Star Wars fan film, but that doesn’t take away from how good it is. This story focuses on a roughish pilot and a novice Jedi that end up on the bad end of some Stormtrooper’s blasters. All the characters (even the Stormtroopers) are likable and it brings humor to an arena that usually gets bogged down in gritty interpretations of the Star Wars Universe.

The Shadow Sabre

The Shadow Sabre is the first film by Geek Factor Productions. They are a group of fans that plan on doing more fan films in the future. This is a good film and I can’t wait to see more out of this group.

Fall of the Jedi: A Star Wars Story

It is so awesome to see some younglings get in on the fan film action, and make a simple but good flick. Fall of the Jedi takes place after Order 66 and is about a runaway padawan who is confronted by a Sith apprentice. Good job.

Face the Destiny

Wow, a Rancor force user!! This short is pretty neat and uses a mix of different mediums. ’nuff said.


When you hear the word “Mash-up” this is what you hope you get. This is a brilliant blended “trailer” for a Harry Potter and Star Wars movie. It has some great visuals and I dare say, this is something I would see in a heartbeat. Please, check out all of their info on YouTube on the trailers page.


Now, I know there are a ton of great fan films out there right now because of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. I wish I could spotlight all of them and maybe I will spotlight a couple more in another 2 months. I envy every single one of these people for taking their fandom to the next level and applying art and skill I wish I possessed. Bravo to one and all fan film creators, directors, and actors.

If I missed one that you want to tell us about, please tell us in the comments below.

One thought on “2016, The Year of the STAR WARS Fan Film. Part 2.

  1. Ok I stand buy my previous statement. The disparity between the good a bad is so wide. But I like a few of these. I too have a soft spot for the Rancor.


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