Uncle Scrooge Fans Mourn as Alan Young Has Died At 96

Actor Alan Young passed away on May 19th at the age of 96. Best known for the show ‘MrEd’ in the sixties, Young also had a lasting impression with his varied voice work over the years. These roles are what made him a household name in my home growing up. My parents had watched ‘Mr. Ed’ growing up and I even watched reruns on the fledgling ‘Nick at Night’ in the 80’s, but Young will always be Scrooge McDuck to me. His first foray as Scrooge was in the 1983 Disney version of Charles Dicken’s classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. By 1987 Young was voicing Scrooge McDuck fulltime on the show ‘Duck Tales’. He brought life to Scrooge in movies, television, and video games for 33 years. His last credit in the role of Scrooge were appearances in the new ‘Mickey Mouse’ shorts from earlier this year.

Uncle-Scrooge-McDuck-image-uncle-scrooge-mcduck-36806860-356-386.jpgOther than Scrooge McDuck, Young also had a large role on ‘The Smurfs’. He provided voices for the characters of Farmer Smurf, Miner Smurf, and Scaredy Smurf, to only name a few. He also did voice work for ‘Battle of the Planets, Scooby Doo, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Incredible Hulk, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Talespin, Ren and Stimpy, and Static Shock. I would me amiss if I left out one credit from his animated resume, the oddest series based on toy show ever, ‘Rubik, the Amazing Cube’. I still have vivid thoughts about this show in a sadly nostalgic way. He also made numerous appearances though out movies and television in his 70 year career. He even had a chance to lampoon Walt Disney in the movie Beverly Hills Cop 3 as the character of Uncle Dave Thornton.


I have to admit that my excitement for the re-lauched ‘Duck Tales’ cartoon has dropped. I honestly cannot envision a Scrooge McDuck without Alan Young. Mr. Young always looked to be a happy guy in pictures and interviews over the years, and it showed in his work. He was as much to Scrooge McDuck as Carl Barks to me. Alan Young will be missed by everyone he graciously entertained over his seventy year career. There are definitely no small roles…


3 thoughts on “Uncle Scrooge Fans Mourn as Alan Young Has Died At 96

  1. For me this is a devastating as the passing of the great Carl Barks. Much like Henson or Blank these characters will fall silent. Kudos to the voice talent that have tried to fill these legends shoes, but just is never the same. Mr Young take one last swim in the money bin and be at peace. You shall be missed.


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