Follow My Side Of The Laundry Room On Twitter

Coasting on the heady high of hipster socializing, I decided to give Twitter a try too. I feel like a millennial now, dancing among the flaming debris of my Tandy 1000. Seriously though I like the idea of getting little bits of info out there that aren’t really blog worthy. These bits of flotsam and jetsam are exclusive to the seas of social media. As an example, I posted a picture of Boba Fett and Rocket Raccoon together. I had these two toys standing with each other on a shelf in My Side Of The Laundry Room for the past year. Seeing this toy “team-up” everyday made my imagination kick into overdrive over the possibilities. So I decided to snap a picture and post it and hopefully others find the glee I have in it.

Anyway, you can find us over at @MySideLaundryRm on Twitter. Stop by and follow us…that’s how you say it right?


6 thoughts on “Follow My Side Of The Laundry Room On Twitter

  1. You can’t be a millennial. You don’t live with you’re mom and dad, you also don’t have a stupid hair bun. Sorry we are gen x oh I wanna be Chamber. Dibs.


    1. I was just saying the whole thing made me feel like a millennial…you know hip and shit. And I wish I could have a hair bun…I miss my hair sometimes.


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