Netflix Amps Up The Awesomeness With Their New STRANGER THINGS Trailer

Every year I look at the movies that are released the week of birthday and view one of them as “My Movie”. This year I thought I only had Ghostbusters as “My Movie” and it totally bummed me the hell out. But along comes Netflix with Stranger Things (released the same day as Ghostbusters), and makes my birthday special again. Thanks Netflix, you da bomb (the kids still say that right?)


Today Netflix has released a new trailer for this awesomely eerie eighties throwback. Yes, Yes people keep putting it up to the Spielberg and Amblin light but to me it looks more akin to Stephen King or Robert R. McCammon’s Boy’s Life. But I will give it an Amblin thumbs up for use of D&D…bravo. That alone reminds me of E.T. Damn, this show has me excited. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!

Like I said this is airing the week of my birthday. It just happens to be my 40th and I can’t see any better way to mark the milestone than with a slice of my childhood. I mean honestly it gives me the nostalgic shivers seeing these kids bomb around on their bikes in the dark in small town U.S.A.

Here’s the synopsis…

A love letter to the supernatural classics of the 80’s, Stranger Things is the story of a young boy who vanishes into thin air. As friends, family and local police search for answers, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very strange little girl.

Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Natalia Dyer, Cara Buono, Charlie Heaton, and Matthew Modine.

Matt and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines) serve as writers, directors and co-showrunners of the series, and are executive producers along with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen under their 21 Laps entertainment banner (Night At The Museum, Real Steel). Shawn Levy also serves as director.



5 thoughts on “Netflix Amps Up The Awesomeness With Their New STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  1. I get the Amblin vive and I would have totally driven my Mom nuts to see this in theaters in the 80’s. Good on you for shotin the props of thie one.


  2. Just finished watching this and what a great show. To be honest i would never have watched this if it wasn’t brought to my attention buy you. Thanks


    1. I just finished last night. Was a wild ride that hopefully will continue with another season. Didn’t expect the ending we were left with. Thought it would served up with a bow on top and maybe turn into an anthology show. I was happily wrong. Just more happy when they confirm another season…or more.


  3. Last thing on this. The references to the Goonies and ET are ridiculious. To the tween and twenty something bun wearing bloggers watch the movies FIRST that you reference. These movies have as much in common with Stranger things as Debbie Does Dallas does. This is a total nod to the very late 70 very early 80 horror genre that King’s books made famous. Think Silver Bullet. Books were these things that were out before the nook or Kindle. They were square (mostly) and had p-a-g-e-s. You turned them, they were great. Some of us still use them. More importantly why does everything have to be like something else. Stranger Things was just like Stranger Things and what a great show. Keep on Netflix. Soap Box removed and I will move on.


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