First Trailer and Clip From Dan Harmon’s Animated D&D Show, HARMONQUEST

I was wondering when this was finally coming out. Dan Harmon and Dungeon Master, Spencer Crittenden have been giving updates on Harmon’s podcast Harmontown for a while now and I was beginning to worry it wouldn’t see the light of day. Mind you I have been too busy to listen to the podcast for months now, my bad. I have always loved Harmontown, but the ending of every show was a personal highlight because of the R.P.G.playing. It was always best when they would have a guest play and you got to see who in Hollywood was a real dork or not. All in all, it’s always refreshing to see and hear of celebrities that role-play.


Of course Harmon is a gamer from way back. Not only has he brought D&D (actually Pathfinder) and Shadowrun to the masses with his podcast, he also brought gaming to NBC with Community and their two D&D themed episodes.

Here’s the trailer…

Here’s the clip…

and the ever faithful synopsis…

Welcome to HarmonQuest: a comedic journey into the hilarious world of fantasy roleplaying with Dan Harmon and his comedian companions. Featuring Executive Producers Dan Harmon and Spencer Crittenden, as well as Erin McGathy and Jeff Bryan Davis and new guest star appearances every episode. All 10 episodes coming July 14.

I’m very excited to see this but the big kick to the balls is that SeeSo is a pay streaming and on demand service. I just talked my wife into Netflix last month, no way in hell I can convince her we should dole out $3.99 more a month for a service fronted by the Upright Citizens Brigade. Also the selling point for Netflix wasn’t Daredevil it was the kids programing. Sadly, nothing for the kiddos on SeeSo. But if you have the dough, please enjoy the dice rolling shenanigans of Harmon and his crew for me.


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