Sorry, I’ve Been Busy. Here’s A Trailer Round Up – July 20th, 2016

Since I’ve been so busy lately and I know I’ve been missing some cool shit that has been popping up, I decided to just do a little trailer round up. Sorry if I’ve missed anything note worthy…remember kids, being a grown up sucks.

1. Magnificent Seven (trailer #2)

Looks good and fun. Always down with a modern version of the western. Great cast with some stand outs that I’m sure will steak the show.

2. Suicide Squad (final trailer)

With the new trailer casting a light on Amanda Waller, I have to say I’m impressed. “The Wall” in this version has hints of the one we got to see (and enjoy) in the Justice League cartoon and that is perfection to me.

3. Batman: Realm of Shadows, Episode One

Never played a Telltale game before even though they have interested me and look really kick ass. Might have to get this one. Looks incredible.

4. Godzilla: Resurgence (final trailer, Japan)

Too many close-ups on human, not enough Godzilla…’nuff said!

5. Phoenix Rising

I’m equal parts interested in a Captain Power reboot and hoping it’s a prank. Guess we’ll have wait until SDCC to see. But what good is a Captain Power show with out the toys?

6. He-Man: Curse of the Three Terrors

More please!

7. Star Trek Beyond (trailer #4)

Never been a Star Trek super fan. Always enjoyed the movies more than the shows, but these last batch of movies have been great. This one looks to take the cake and looks flat out awesome.

8.Moana (Japanese trailer)

This movie looks so beautiful and magical. Fantastic. No stopping Disney.

9. Rogue One (celebration reel)

Oh yeah, and this one.

All I can say is F’n A…I can’t wait until December


One thought on “Sorry, I’ve Been Busy. Here’s A Trailer Round Up – July 20th, 2016

  1. This is totally not fair 9 trailers were to start? Star Wars duh can;t wait can’t wait can’t wait. I unlike my brother from another mother am a huge Star Trek fan. Right down to the conventions. I wanted to hate these movies but I fell in love with them and the cast. Another excellent Abrams job. Moanna might be the first Disney movie I see in theaters since the Incredibles it also may have been up either way it has been a while. Alas the Godzilla will most likely be a VOD or a Itunes pick up. Mag 7 looks great and will have to see that in theaters. Huge western fan and a fan of Yule and Steve, do there is a little cautious optimism with that. SS needs no hype WB will do that. The TV show Reboots look good but I want some CP toys so they rumble and shake while I watch the reboot.


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