First JUSTICE LEAGUE & WONDER WOMAN Trailers Show Signs Of Being Great Movies.

After the Justice League cartoon began airing on the Cartoon Network in 2001, I believed a live action movie could not be as great. The show had EVERYTHING. It had humor that was so character driven that it hit you square in the heart as well as make you laugh. Speaking of heart, Justice League had tons of it. So much heart that I would proud to tell people that it was my favorite show on TV for the years it aired. And of course true bigger than life comic book action. Action that you could never reproduce in a live action setting.


I can say after watching the first trailer for Justice League, that they may deliver on two of those traits that made the animated show perfection. The trailer has humor that tugs a little on my four-color dork heart. This humor works for me because it plays on the iconic symbols these characters are. Through this humor I felt like the movie could have heart. The playful interaction between Batman and Wonder Woman over Aquaman joining the League just melted my Zac Snyder hardened heart. These moments are a dime a dozen in the MCU because we have journeyed with the characters over like 10 years of movies. Because of this we still feel for these characters and welcome any adventure they take us on. It works in the Justice League trailer simple because these characters have endured for 75 (more or less) years.

Take a look yourself…


We also got a fantastic trailer for Wonder Woman. I think this movie will work in the same way the first Captain America movie did. I loved Captain America because it took Steve Rogers back to the beginning without making it hokey. It had the horrors of war (in a family action movie kinda way), and they just dropped a comic book character into the middle of it. Just like most of the Marvel movies and TV shows, genre and story work even if it didn’t have popular comic book characters in it.

Wonder Woman looks to play by those rules. It looks like World War 1 is front and center and is the plot hook of the picture. This is great. It delivers the Amazon’s history and also delivering a time in history where it works. I think when you place a movie like this in a time in our history that still has a sense of danger, romance, and enough distance to make it feel more like a fantasy. It is a great way to finally shine a light on one of DC’s “Top Three”.

Enjoy the trailer…


One thought on “First JUSTICE LEAGUE & WONDER WOMAN Trailers Show Signs Of Being Great Movies.

  1. Since the week ends seem to be the only time I have to breath I will now catch up on my BFAM postings. JLA looks good real good. I even detected some humor. Man is DC reactionary. Cyborg looks rough CG wise. Aquaman looks great (insert gasp here) maybe do to Jason Momoa. This guy should get another shot at Conan. I like the back and forth between the Princess and Bruce.

    Wonder Woman looks fantastic and I am more excited to see that then I am JLA. Soft spot for period pieces. Chris Pine needs more work other then being the mythic captain of the Enterprise. Would have loved to see me some more of Misses Underwood but alas this is the first trailer. As a much touted hater of DC first attempt at cinematic world building it looks like they mave have turned the corner. Come on SS.


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