Watch This Awesome Generation 1 TRANSFORMERS Fan Film, HERO.

It may not have any of the money or spectacle of the Michael Bay Transformer films but this fan film has more heart than those four movies combined. With a subject such as Transformers you would think going completely CG would be a no brainer. But as the Bay movies have shown time and time again, CG doesn’t breathe life into the Transformers it only allows them to appear alive.


Using only practical effects and camera effects, Generation 1: Hero goes the opposite direction of the Bay films when handling high-tech robots. The actors (which you see in the closing credits) all don costumes that are pitch perfect recreations of the Gen 1 Autobots and Decepticons, and it’s amazing.

Sit down, watch, and enjoy.

Awesome, right? The only thing that needs help is the impressions of the original casts voices. Other than that, bravo. I love that it took me back to a place of my childhood that mixed one of my favorite shows with old school kaiju flicks.

I was going to write about the visionary and creative group of folks over at CHISEL PIXEL PRODUCTIONS but I found this video and it gives far more info than I can write. So for the full story on how they made this awesome fan film, watch this little behind the scenes video.

I envy anyone that takes their love of dorkdom to next level. These guys and gals are all my heroes now. I truly loved this film and I can’t wait to see more.

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