Amazing New ROGUE ONE Trailer Gives Us The Vader.

Why is it that vacations are hardly relaxing? I had planned on spending my evenings writing articles while my family slept soundly in their beds in the condo we rented for the week. In reality I pass out as soon as the kids do.But after watching the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I had to carve a couple of minutes out to post about it before we hit the pool.

First off, I didn’t think I could feel any more excitement for this movie but as usual the Star Wars/Disney machine has proved me wrong. This trailer gives us a little insight into some of the characters that make up our ragtag group of rebels. I really dig Donny Yen’s Chirrut Inwe and his zen approach to the Force. Alan Tuduk’s droid character also seems to be the comic relief, ┬áchanneling C3PO but a tad bit darker.

Watch the trailer here…

Also in Star Wars news, rumor has it that Donald Glover is at the top of the list to play Lando in the Han Solo film(s). I think this is perfect casting and will shine a spotlight on Glover. He deserves it. It also makes up for the Spider-Man casting from a couple years back.

All for now, heading out to the pool to be accosted by my children.


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