This EPIC Japanese Pepsi Commercial Should Be Made Into A Movie…NOW!

In Japan, commercials are known for being cut from a different cloth than American ads. They also tend to get some awesome Hollywood star power to sell everything from alcohol to cars to shampoo. This time Pepsi (my favorite in the soda wars) really brings the fire with an ad that is truly unique, epic, and has great Hollywood/British star, Jude Law.

The commercial is a version of the Japanese fairy tale, Momotarō. Momotarō is a famous tale about a boy who is born inside a peach and becomes a legendary hero. Pepsi has broken the story up within five episodes, with the forth episode being released this past week.

The story begins with episode zero, the subtitles tell the story of a village that is attacked by ogres. Upon hearing the news  Momotarō sets out with his companions Dog, Bird, and Monkey to assault the ogres stronghold. In episode one, Momotarō is defeated by one of the ogres and seeks out legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto to teach him to be stronger and a master swordsman. The second episode gives the origin story of Dog, a boy raised by wolves who must now get revenge for his adopted wolf family after they are killed or captured by the orges. The thrid episode is the origin of Bird who is a prince of the bird kingdom and has to battle his evil brother, Crow who has now turned into an ogre himself after aligning with them.

Here are the first four episodes (0-3).

Here is the forth episode which features Jude Law.

Where the story picks up in episode 4 puts its focus on Jude Law’s character. The character is a demon who has been living among humans and becoming the hero of a small village. One of the enemies of the village wants revenge and brings a monster into town. Needing to stop the monster, the Demon unleashes his power. In doing so he protects the village but has now shown them what he is. Fearful, the villagers imprison the demon. The anger and sorrow he now felt after the villagers betrayal has turned him into a flaming, rampaging demon that he kept bottled up.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever been excited for a commercial to finish it’s story arc. Good for you Pepsi, I knew you were for my favorite for a reason. I can’t wait for the fifth and final episode to air. Stay tuned!!


3 thoughts on “This EPIC Japanese Pepsi Commercial Should Be Made Into A Movie…NOW!

  1. I guess Americans just need thirty seconds to tell us to drink there crappy soda. Why only over seas do we get truly interesting things like this. Oh yeah we are to busy asking for our money back for video games. After all these are the real problems the world is facing.


    1. money always wins out over art. Plus the greedy bastards of television charge so much for commercial time I don’t blame companies for getting their point across in 20 seconds. Sucks nonetheless.


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