My Two Cents On The NO MAN’S SKY Scuttlebutt.

I usually don’t comment on fad topics and popular public stoning’s that make the rounds on the internet nowadays but this is a topic that has been really getting under my skin. When I come upon flashy headlines and click bait, I like everyone else am apt to click on them and most times leave the site disgusted by the utter lack of integrity to get those clicks for advertisers. So yes, I’ve been caught up on the witch hunt for Hello Games and their game No Man’s Sky. People have climbed out of their parents basements and perched atop towers of lily white to point fingers and throw stones about lies and false promises.

One of those lies from the ’80s

Firstly I have to ask these people if they ever have played a video game in their lives? Most games nowadays make promises that never come to fruition, well let me back up. Not nowadays, since the dawn of video games developers and designers have had one vision in their heads that sometimes doesn’t translate to our television screens or game cabinets. So like politics, video games are built upon lies. We’ve let lesser games than No Man’s Sky get away with it for years. Why now are people attacking a game that really is a great exercise in what a Sim game can be? Demanding their money back and hijacking Sony and Steam, we have finally given the crybabies of the world the total power that they crave. It used to be said that History is written by the victor. Now, History is written by the ones who cry the loudest.


Second, Were you not entertained? At the end of the day that is what a game should do, entertain you. We all saw the same videos and saw the same things Hello Games gave us before the release of No Man’s Sky. Who really gives a shit that it isn’t multiplayer. One of the focuses of the game is about isolation and maybe Hello Games should have stuck to their guns and made that it’s selling point. Or if they did people only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. I for one do not like multiplayer games. I have limited time to play games anymore because the biggest priorities in my life aren’t cleaning my room and playing video games. I have a demanding job, a loving wife, and two children that we’re trying to raise right in this messed up world. Every time I have played a multiplayer game that wasn’t a shooter, there is a lot of wasted time trying to get people on the same page. When you have an hour to play, you don’t want to spend half of that waiting on others to get their shit together.


To answer my own question, I have been very entertained because No Man’s Sky is the game I wanted it to be. I tire of the frantic, fast paced games that people hold in high regard. I would rather just explore and be blown away by discovering new creatures and locations. People have bitched about the combat and really does that matter? It isn’t a combat game, sure it does have combat but it is not the foundation of the game. The foundations of the game of survival, and exploration and these are the two things that Hello Games has never stretched the truth about.

I truly feel sorry for Sean Murray. He seems to be someone that is more comfortable in front of a computer, not in front of the camera. He’s a very likable fellow that did make promises that he didn’t keep but the game stands on its own with out those extra bits. But from the moment the game was out of his hands and in the hands of people who broke the street date release or those who paid thousands for it online (idiots) it was judged unfairly . To some the game was put against a measuring stick that compared it to other games and was never really viewed for the unique experience it was. For that Mr. Murray, I am sorry for you and your talented crew and please take what praise you do receive as truth.


To the readers I apologize for speaking franticly, incoherently, and completely “off the cuff”. This is something I always want to address but I never do. The topics change but the fact remains that we live in a world where the bullied have become the bullies and it’s viewed as ok. I always have been a two wrongs don’t make a right kinda guy but that’s not how it goes anymore. Whenever you purchase something you gamble on the end product. Either it be food that you buy at the grocery store and it ends up not tasting good or a shirt that is your size but doesn’t hang on you just right, this is the gamble we take as consumers and we take the lumps and move on. I just don’t get why people think they can demand their money back in this case. They can say it’s because “Sean Murray Lied” but really, like I said us as video game players have swam through lies for almost 40 years now. If something is broken, sure get your money back but this game is not broken – the industry is. Shame on Steam and Sony for bending over backward for these people and refunding their money no matter how much time they have put into the game. I totally agree with the people calling them thieves.

So in a nutshell, I’ll continue to love this game. I’ll continue to see 30 hours of game play as enough (because 30 hours means 6 months to me), and I’ll continue to gamble with purchases because I stand by my decisions and not blame others. I don’t have time or money to purchase every game that comes out but I still won’t cry over spilt milk. And if spending $60 on a game is too much of a first world problem for you, use your money somewhere else. Donate it and really make a difference to be proud of.


4 thoughts on “My Two Cents On The NO MAN’S SKY Scuttlebutt.

  1. I want my money back on the piece of shit transformer game I bought for PS 1. While were at it I wan’t my money back for the last two Tomb Raiders. I also want my money back for Destiny because that game aint like nothing that we tested. FU Bungee. Get a life people is this all you have to worry about.


    1. Difference is No Man’s Sky is a good game. Problem is it’s not a game where you shoot total strangers and then call them names from the safety of your mom’s basement. And if Sony is handing out money for bad games I can get a list together of truly shitty games I’ve bought since the mid-’90s. Sadly today people can’t stand by their own decisions, good or bad. They ALWAYS have someone to blame for their decisions.


  2. Doesn’t matter if the game is good or bad. Now if you don’t like something bitch loud and get you’re money back. That is BS, Good or bad is in the eye of the player. NMS is not my cup of joe so guess what I did not buy it. I saw interviews prior to the drop and so I knew what this was so I did not buy it. This is you’re thing so good on you and for every one who enjoy the game good on you too, Every one else take you’re medicine. Do they not have Game stop in the area closest to their moms house? Real first world problems as you said.


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