Ripped From The Headlines…The Summer Of Scary Clowns.

With the most recent news of another clown being spotted in a wooded area, this has officially become the most F’ed up summer ever. The whole thing reminds me of something I’ve read before in one of my numerous tombs of the supernatural. But I’ll get to that later.

The saga of the Summer of scary clowns began on August 21, 2016 in Greensville, South Carolina when a Mother spotted a “suspicious character dressed in circus clown attire and white face paint, enticing kids to follow him/her into the woods.”.

The Mother said her child led her into the woods to show her where they saw the clown. When they arrived the Mother witnessed clowns “flashing green laser lights” before running off into the woods. Later that night at 10:30PM the child awoke to the sounds of “banging and chains” on the door to the apartment.

According to the police report the child has“seen clowns in the woods whispering and making strange noises.”

After this first incident, more child in the area have reported seeing clowns who display large amounts of money to lure them into the woods. The children have told Police that they believe the clowns live in an abandoned house in the woods that is next to a pond. After investigating the area and the house Police have found no evidence or suspects.


The sightings of clowns have been growing to other areas and other states since this first encounter.

The area of Winston-Salem, South Carolina has reported many claims of children that have been approached by clowns in the woods trying to lure them deeper into the darken forest with cash and treats. The freaky phenomenon has reached as far as Ohio, where a boy said a man in a clown mask chased him with a knife while on the way to the bus stop. Also in Green Bay, Wisconsin a couple spotted a clown standing outside a cemetery in the dead of night. As their headlights caught his, the clown wave slowly then turned and climbed the cemetery fence, disappearing into the darkness. They took video of the incident and it’s taken the internet by storm.


The latest incident happened yesterday when another clown was spotted enticing a child to follow them into the woods. This time an adult nearby took a machete and tried to catch the clown. But like the other cases the clown disappeared into the woods.

These events seem to be happened more frequently. Could it be copycats or something more sinister.I mentioned before that these “events” reminded me of something I once read in a book. Let me point out, a nonfiction book.

In W. Haden Blackman’s The Field Guide To North American Monsters, Blackman has an entry for the Bogeyman that tells a eerily similar tale. In his entry, Blackman describes the Bogeyman as a group of beings that prey on children either physically or mentally, either as supernatural creatures or just monstrous humans. Blackman goes on to cite a more recent example of Bogeymen in modern times with the story of the Killer Clowns of New England.


In May of 1981 areas around Boston, Massachusetts were terrorized by a group of individuals dressed as clowns. The clowns attempted to lure children into black vans and there were many eye witness accounts to their existence. The clowns then moved on to Providence, Rhode Island a few weeks later.

Another of the clowns migrated to Kansas and later to Missouri. This clown was said to drive a yellow van and was more aggressive in its tactics. It would stalk Elementary Schools and was known to chase after children with knives and swords.

The Killer Clowns were also spotted in Denver, Omaha, and Pennsylvania that same year. As quickly as they appeared and terrorized communities around the country, they just as quickly disappeared. The police were left baffled and without so much as a clue to whom these Bogeymen were. The only thing that was ever recovered was one of the vans. Once opened, investigators found chains, shackles, and torture devises such as knives, hammers, and saws.


Incidentally, while doing some research on this story (and the fact it fascinates me) I stumbled onto another case of Bogeyman Clowns in the UK.

During the early ’90s in the areas of Glasgow and Lanarkshire, Scotland , the area was on high alert for royal blue transit vans driven by clowns. It was rumored that these clowns abducted children and/or were know to give children a “Chelsea Smile” by slashing either side of their mouths open. This story has been all over the place to how genuine it was/is, but either way there are not a lot of facts about it online.

This Killer Clown wave of terror is sadly not something new. It’s always sinister when something viewed as innocent like a clown is twisted into a form of evil. But lets hope these new incidents are only the work of pranksters and amount to nothing more than an eventful end to the summer.


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3 thoughts on “Ripped From The Headlines…The Summer Of Scary Clowns.

  1. I hate clowns and I hate the circus the whole thing is weird. I really hate Cirque Du Soleil. All really creepy. I too hope this is just some elaborate joke but I doubt it.


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