First hitting the market in 1979, Kooky Spooks were a line of Halloween costumes that were notorious for their large inflatable heads. Sold with the same run-of-the-mill plastic smock that other boxed costumes had, it skipped the mask in favor of the large hat and make-up. Touting it’s safety features over it’s coolness Kooky Spooks were ideal for lazy adults and rich grade schoolers. They were hated by the cool kids probably just because they were safe. I never have stated that I am or ever was cool. So I wanted one.

I like the skull one but the make-up is a tad questionable.

When I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to get a Kooky Spooks costume for Halloween. For my entire trick-or-treating life span I never had a store bought costume, so to have an inflatable head was the tip-top of Halloween chic. I was bombarded with the commercials during my after school cartoons and it drove it home more and more everyday how awesome they were and how not awesome I was for having lame homemade costumes.

Here’s one of the commercials…take a look.

Is it just me or does the kid in the embedded YouTube link look like he’s making out with a kooky Spook head?

Anyways,  I’m sure I’ll touch on it again in the future but like I said I never had a store bought costume. Everything I wore for Halloween was homemade. On the years that my Mom would go the extra mile we would swing by Jo Ann’s Fabric and get a pattern to make a costume but most years it was make-up and either old cloths or ones bought at Good Will. This has created some unique memories but I feel like I was a tad ripped off that I was never the best I could be at portraying a favorite character.

So I got this (on a good year)…

Real pattern of a clown costume I was forced to wear one year.


Not this…

I have no idea who these kids are but their parents loved them. Lucky bastards.


And definitely not one of these…

Wow, the more I look at some of these they are racist as hell. Maybe it was good I didn’t get one.

I love the design of these things for some reason. The smock I can do without but the heads are a style that takes me back to the early ’70s and ’80s like an instant time machine. Sadly these suckers are very hard to come by nowadays and when they are found on eBay they fetch a pretty penny. Oh well, that’s one memory that can stay in the past and not in one of my shelves in My Side Of The Laundry Room. I’ll always have my memories…and resentment to my parents.

**Thanks to Fuzzy Memories for the commercial.

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6 thoughts on “KOOKY SPOOKS!!

  1. I too had hand made costumes but they were of Zorro, Lone Ranger, and Robin Hood and my favorite King Arthur. My mom made these and I won my fair share of costume contest with them. I never cared for the store bought costumes because they were cheap and cheesy. With the exception of 1981 when I had to have the Gene Simmons from K-mart. I barely remember these Kooky Spooks so nice pull.


  2. It also helps that my parents were depression era (tail end) kids so they knew how to do everything. I wish I was half the cook my mother is. Or half the mechanic my father is. ETC ETC. Don’t we always wan’t what we never had?


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