Halloween Costume Memories

With my article on Kooky Spooks , I churned up a ton of memories of some of my past Halloween costumes. Some memories are good, some not so much. But even the bad memories are perfect in their own messed up ways. So I present to you one bad memory and one good memory.

Like I mentioned in the Kooky Spooks story, ALL of my costumes were homemade. The reasons were as varied as the costumes themselves but it came down to two things. First, the boxed costumes made famous by companies like Collegeville and Ben Cooper were very cheaply made and Second, we were poor.

May have been cheaply made, but damn that’s awesome


Bad Memory…

The first costume I can remember is from 1981. I was five years old and already a super dork. I was into two things in 1981, Star Wars, and Clash Of The Titans. Looking at these two things for homemade costume potential you have Star Wars and what could be a hard to make Vader or Stormtrooper or a Luke that would require clothes I didn’t have laying around. You also have Clash Of The Titans where everyone wore togas. Togas it is.


We had old white sheets laying around so it was no big deal to cut one down to fit my small five year old frame. So after a few moments I was Perseus with a bed sheet toga, cardboard sword, and hand me down sneakers with red striped knee socks. I remember being Happy about this, but quickly the coolness factor went down when the evening news forecast the temperature for Halloween night. Just to paint the picture a bit, all of these arts and crafts went down mere moments before we were leaving to go to my Aunt’s house for trick-or-treating. But when the nightly temperature was forecast to be very cold my cool Perseus costume turned into crap. Instead of looking heroic like Mr. Harry Hamlin, I was a five year old boy in a toga outfit with long johns on underneath, wielding a peeling tin foil cardboard sword. Long john shirt and pants really took me outta character and the candy I did receive that evening was tainted with bitter parent costume cock-blocking.

Good Memory…

Two years later I was able to fulfill my Star Wars dream. In 1983 I was absolutely obsessed with Return Of The Jedi (who wasn’t ?) and Luke Skywalker was the coolest hero EVER. Luckily for me Luke had one of the easiest costumes to pull off, even though I was missing one of the biggest props.


Luke in his Return Of The Jedi garb was a costume that made me super happy and was so super easy to pull off. It wasn’t to todays cosplay standards but hey, I was seven. I had black pants and a black shirt, so score. My Mom made me a light brown hooded cape on her handy dandy sewing machine and POW done. The only issues were I never owned one of those cool toy lightsabers, I didn’t have a black glove(ok, since I was going for pre-Jabba’s sail barge Luke), and I had white sneakers. Oh well, we can’t all be perfect but it felt like it for one Halloween night while I swung an invisible lightsaber in-between houses and making “waa-waa-waa” noise up to the moment I said “Trick-or-Treat.”

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Memories

  1. Dude that is bad ass that you went as Perseus. I too hated the cold Halloween because of the cold then well you better put long underwear on. Gene Simmons doesn’t were long underwear. Seems like growing up we never had warm Halloweens.


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