New Trailer For Netflix’s IRON FIST


Why do I have to wait until March?

Again, Netflix has me by the throat waiting on their newest Marvel show. This time it’s Iron Fist. Danny Rand looks completely awesome in the follow-up trailer that we got from San Diego earlier this year. I just hope that they are pulling a “Daredevil” and his costume will come into play later in the series.

Take a look at the trailer…


I’ve always been a fan of the street level heroes that emerged in the ’70s at Marvel. They all have roots in the exploitive world of cinema that was gaining popularity at the time. Everything from horror moviesĀ to black cinema to martial artsĀ had their own heroes and villains within the Marvel Universe and it was a playground ripe with new ideas and new talent making they way up in the comic business. It’s influence was also felt in some older titles and helped to breath new life into tired characters that are now house hold names. Marvel and Netflix has been doing a stellar job and I want as much as they can give me.

Damnit I can’t wait to tune in March 17, 2017


2 thoughts on “New Trailer For Netflix’s IRON FIST

    1. The only thing bad about the Netflix Marvel shows is having to wait. Kevin Smith brought up a great point in his latest podcast…some of these characters should make brief cameos in Spider-Man. Cameos via TV, Radio, Background etc…


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