Fall Greetings & Thanks From My Side Of The Laundry Room.

Well, Halloween is over. Let the doldrums of Autumn begin. Honestly I love the Fall but this transition period is the pits. One day is hot as Summer fights off its impending death. The next is cold and blustery as Winter rolls Summer’s dying body over looking for loose change. The Fall is just the period of time in between Summer’s death and Winter moving into the house and shacking up with Summer’s wife and sending his kids off to boarding school. Fall starts out great but it never ends well, so it’s very bitter-sweet.


Speaking of Halloween…I really dropped the ball in the final week leading up to the big day. I planned to do a couple more posts but between being busy and a little bout of writers block, I never finished the half-dozen posts I started. The final week is always rough because of where I live. In the town I live in, in Pennsylvania, the Halloween celebration is spread out over the last week and rarely ever falls on the 31st. Trick or Treat is always on the Tuesday before and the town puts on a pretty rad Halloween parade on the Thursday. Couple that with my kids having Halloween to-dos at Pre-K, music class, and ballet and you have yourself a pretty full week of a little witch and a little dinosaur hopped up on sugar and Halloween bliss. The week was great though and we’re already excited for next year.

The next landmark we have on the horizon is Thanksgiving, now only a few weeks away. Thanksgiving is OK, but  when you don’t really have family it ends up being a couple days off work (which is awesome) and Daddy making a little bit more food for dinner than normal. I usually get excited for Black Friday but we’re sitting it out this year to save money for our Disney World trip next year (YAY!!). So Exciting!!


Now with Thanksgiving on my mind let me extend some THANKS to all of you wonderful people that have made My Side Of The Laundry Room an awesome experience. My heart swells every time I get a new like or follower, so thank you for liking me just a little bit. You ALL are the best, THANK YOU!

But not everything is full of the Fall blah-blahs. As dorks we have a lot to look forward to leading up to the new year. Dr. Strange is coming this weekend, we get to dip our toes in the Harry Potter Universe again with Fantastic Beasts, and of course Rogue One is zooming up in December. Also Fall TV has been great so far this year with the return of all of the DC shows and even Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. has been a blast with Ghost Rider so far. It’s a good time to be a dork my friends. Anyways….

Keep Being Rad and Stay Dorky


Now Back To Your Normally Scheduled Programing….









4 thoughts on “Fall Greetings & Thanks From My Side Of The Laundry Room.

  1. I second that – thank you! I’ve just recently found your blog but it’s quickly become one of my absolute favorites and a must-read. I look forward to what’s coming next. Also, I think “Keep being rad and stay dorky” should be everyone’s mantra. Well said :).


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