See The First Full Trailer Of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

I think out of the recent live action adaptions of beloved Disney movies, I was most excited to get a look at Beauty and the Beast. It was easier to get my head around talking animals in the Jungle Book, and see the story of Cinderella unfold with actors stepping in for their animated versions but Beauty and the Beast is something different.

In the animated film we have household objects with a heart and soul and we didn’t bat an eye because it was animated. One of my biggest fears (strong word, I know) is how they would pull that off. I think Disney and Director Bill Condon may be able to pull off the emotional beats of this characters but I have to say I’m a little off put by their appearance.

Check out the trailer & stick around for my RANT afterwards, if you want.

For some reason Ewan McGregor’s Lumiere and Ian McKellen’s Cogsworth have a real “Transformers” look to them. What that means is that their characters look to busy. The extra movements of Cogsworth’s gears and the extra embellishments of Lumiere’s body clutter the character design, at least for me. It was my biggest gripe about the Transformers films.


In the cartoons at least, the Transformers had the bodies of their vehicles hiding their inner workings. The live action movie went the other direction and made the gears and guts the focus and it’s just too much for the eye too take in. Sadly, I feel the same way about this trailer. In the original film the designs for the characters of Cogsworth and Lumiere are simple, and it worked. Why couldn’t they do the same thing in the live action version? They could have simply animated Cogsworth’s face instead of all the extra shit.

But on the flip side of that they just animated Chip’s and Mrs. Potts’ faces and it sucks. Well, mostly just Mrs. Potts….anyways, Can’t we meet in the middle somewhere?

And while I’m on the subject of bitching about stuff that really doesn’t matter, Beast’s face. Disney went all out making everything else about him beastly, except his face. It’s to soft and lacks the beastly features of the animated version. He has a human nose for Christ’s sake…lame.

Anyway, movie looks great and is sure to have that ol’ Disney magic. I ain’t hate’n…just had to vent for a second….sorry.

Here’s a picture I found on Pinterest that shows the live action actors with their animated counterparts.


Beauty and the Beast comes to theaters March 17, 2017


7 thoughts on “See The First Full Trailer Of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

  1. I appreciate your saying that about Cogsworth and Lumiere. I was thinking the exact same thing. I couldn’t out my finger on exactly what was bothering me but “too busy” is absolutely it. It’s odd they would depart in that design way when so much of the rest of it looks so faithful. Still, I’m with you, I can’t wait for this! Design issues aside, I’m pretty excited to see how this one comes together.


  2. I have several complaints with the trailer and as we have all learned from Kevin Smith this is not usually the studios doing but some firm hired to put the trailer together. Issue one is the take on the characters Cogsworth and Lumiere and both of you hit the nail on the head. Why does Lumiere have legs? Chip and Mrs Potts look like crap witch makes me believe that there are separate studious doing the work. Don’t like the beast either to goat like. I always liked the Bison/tiger take that Disney did. I also don’t like that I now know what the beast looks like. Too much too soon. Not for a movie with a March release. With all of these issue’s it make me nervous with The Little Mermaid. How are going to handle talking under water?


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