New LOGAN Trailer Highlights X23 In Bloody Glory!

Last time when a LOGAN trailer was released I got all old and curmudgeony about it. This time I still feel the same way but I do see a sliver of a silver lining. The silver lining I see is in X23 and her story within LOGAN.

I never disputed that LOGAN was not going to be a good movie, my only beef was with me. I was having a hard time letting go of one of my childhood icons, Wolverine. I’ve been a fan of Wolverine since the early ’80s and to this day I don’t believe his comic book death is gonna stick, but it’s things like this that make the Wolverine I once knew seem like he ain’t coming back.

But like I said there is a silver lining…

Anyway, if you wanna hear me talk at length about my childhood with Wolverine and where he and I stand in todays world, read my post here…


LOGAN Teaser Trailer Arrives…And I Reflect On My History With Wolverine.

LOGAN slashes into cinemas March 3, 2017




3 thoughts on “New LOGAN Trailer Highlights X23 In Bloody Glory!

  1. I’m with you that the comic version of Wolverine will always be first in my heart…but I’m still pretty certain I’m gonna cry like a baby during this movie. I got teary eyed every time I watched the first trailer!! Yep, I’ll own it :).

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    1. Yeah. But I like how they’re saying it’s outside of the X-Men Cinema Universe movies…must be so good that they know Singer can’t build off of it in anyway with his hacky bullshit.


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