Yeah, There’s A New POWER RANGER Trailer…

Ok, I don’t know what to say about this reboot of the Power Rangers. At the time the original came chopped, reedited, and Americanized for FOX Kids afternoon block of programing, I was a senior in high school. I still watched cartoons  (like now) and I was into Japanese movies, manga, and anime, so it seemed like a win/win.


The show was goofy but held the ideals and morality of 1950s America, or more simply put, was like an Archie comic book. After a day of kicking Putty ass, our heroes would head down to the ol’ malt shop/hamburger joint and get into a dance contest … or some shit, all while cracking jokes that are found in books in a grade school library. The show was groan inducing but it had its charm. It also had colorful and whimsical monsters that honestly could only be found in Japan. Pair all of that with some subpar martial arts and I was a happy camper.

Now we get to this reboot.

All of these kids seem like assholes. Ok…ok…misunderstood youths I guess, but assholes nonetheless. Gone are the squeaky clean kids which I guess is how you have to sell the movie nowadays, but could you at least make them likable. I guess I’ll have to see the movie to see if they grow as human beings or not.

And I absolutely hate what they did to the Zords and ultimately the Megazord. There is no style…well there is a style, the style of Bay…Michael Bay. It’s the same problem I have with the Transformers movies. There is just so much glinting metal and whirling gears for the mind to take in so your only left with “ACTION” on the screen with zero detail.

And don’t get me started on Goldar

Ok, on a purely artistic and interesting looking scale, which one looks better? So a room of Hollywood types chose the one on the right. A dude that has (I guess) molten gold poured on him. WTF!!

I honestly could give a rat’s ass about Power Rangers, I’m fired up because there is fucking zero imagination in any of the designs that were made for this movie.

Ok, lets play again….

Ok, on a purely artistic and interesting looking scale, which one looks better? The original Megazord may be clunky but it has style…like a classic car.

If they would have gone the original route that they had planned (as seen in this unused production art below) I could over look a lot of the problems…even the asshole kids.


I will not GO…GO…to this movie.

I’m done for now….sorry and thank you…I’ll tip the server on the way out


7 thoughts on “Yeah, There’s A New POWER RANGER Trailer…

  1. I really liked your comparison to the Transformers movies. Honestly, when I’m watching those movies I legitimately have trouble sometimes identifying who is who and what’s even going on in some of the fight sequences. As you said, it’s all, “glinting metal and whirling gears for the mind to take in so your only left with ‘ACTION’ on the screen with zero detail.” It makes me sad because I enjoyed the Transformers as a kid. I’d like to hope you’re wrong about the Power Rangers (I enjoyed the show myself as a kid) buuuuuuut I fear you’re absolutely right.


  2. I honestly never got into the power rangers, but I’ve seen the preview in theaters and I think it’s funny that you think the kids are assholes. That’s an interesting point. Sad that that’s necessary to sell tickets.


  3. Nope the kids/characters come across as a- holes.God help me but I never thought I would say this but James Van derwhateverhisnameis fan film looks better then this. It is kinda why I cringe at the RPO movie and the end fight scene god knows what they will do to modernize the look of the mechs.

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