5 Forgotten Sci-Fi Toys Of The ’80s

A couple of weeks ago I brought you a list of Forgotten Fantasy Toy Lines of the ’80s. Now, I summit for your approval a list of Forgotten Sci-Fi Toy Lines of the ’80s. The difference Continue reading “5 Forgotten Sci-Fi Toys Of The ’80s”


Year One – January 2016

Since January was only a month ago and still fresh in our minds, I decided to do something a little different for my last anniversary post. First I want to go over some of the changes Continue reading “Year One – January 2016”

Here Come The Littles…

It seems I bare my soul quite a bit while blogging about the past. I have admitted that I have Furry tendencies (but not in THAT way), that I was bullied for being a comic book dork, that I was a D&D fanatic since I was a child, and I have a fear of a creature called the Goatman. So now I get to reveal something else that might be viewed as odd even for a Continue reading “Here Come The Littles…”

Year One – November 2016

November started out kinda slow with a couple of trailer, a bit of news, and a pre-Thanksgiving thank you to one and all that share My Side Of The Laundry Room with me. Continue reading “Year One – November 2016”

Cartoons I Loved As A Kid, That My Kids Now Love.

A couple of months ago I posted “Cartoons My Kids Love, That I Now Love”, so to “flip the script” as the cool kids say nowadays (they still say that, right?), I’m writing about the Continue reading “Cartoons I Loved As A Kid, That My Kids Now Love.”