Year One – February 2016

I still find it funny that this all came about because I had a mini movie marathon with my kids. We decided, well I decided that we were going to watch the two made for TV Ewok movies, Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor. Before this I had toyed around with the idea of starting a blog and like with most stuff I made list after list of how I would start it, why I would start it, what I would name it…etc….

All of those lists went out the window after watching a little over three hours worth of Ewok awesomeness. It had been decades since I watched those movies and I had a lot to say about it after settling in with my kids to watch them. I still have the Post I started in my drafts folder here on my WordPress account. The word count is over 2,000 and I wasn’t even near finished. Hate to spoil your possible reading pleasure in the future, but…I still love those damn movies, just for different reasons now.

That’s why I decided to start slow. If I didn’t I might still be writing that damn post, some10,000 words later. My first post though was a “Welcome/About” thingy, the picture I used was what one side of my side of the laundry room looked like (It looks much different now, kinda). 4 days later I finally got the courage to write something…


First Look – Pete’s Dragon Trailer

I didn’t know what I was doing and I still don’t.

After that while driving to work one early morning it hit me to talk about one of the things I loved as a kid….


sentiMENTAL Nostalgia – PRESTO MAGIX

When I first started I wanted to have columns like a magazine or other websites I liked. Over time that extra titles dropped off. sentiMENTAL Nostalgia was just my way of saying I was crazy (mental) about my pop culture past. I quickly realized that most of the stuff I write about is from my pop culture past.

So, this was just a little recap of my first month in my first year of blogging. As my recaps continue, I’ll have more to say because I wrote a lot more.

Also a note…after my very first posts I got y first comments by a cat of the name of CoachDaddy. At first I thought wow, so total stranger is really digging my stuff. I soon found out that it was my best friend Chris and he was supporting me from the beginning. I just want to give a shout out to him for always being so supportive of me over the last twenty plus years of our friendship/brotherhood. I also need to point out that one day while he and his family were over our house he poked around and found some of my numerous notes on starting a blog. At the top of the notes I wrote “My Side Of The Laundry Room?” as a possible name. He pulled me aside later that night and said it was a great name and I should go for it. So, CoachDaddy…thank you!

If you want to catch up on all the posts I wrote during my first month, check out the link….

February 2016

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