Year One – March 2016

Interesting fact, March 2016 has the highest number of post by me than any other month. That seems odd to me considering it was only my second month posting, but to be fair it was my first full month of doing it.

I kicked off March with a rambling post about a local arcade that I still miss named Blazing Flippers. That place meant so much to me and my friends growing up and it was a real treat for me to take the time and remember that time in my past.



A week later I stumbled upon a great Star Wars fan film about Darth Maul. I just had to share this awesome piece of art and fandom because it is truly awesome, that’s why I’m gonna share it again.



That same day I came across a couple more Star Wars fan films that all blew me away. I asked the question, is 2016 the year of the Star Wars fan film? Later I found out the answer was yes because Disney & Lucas Films were doing a contest for best fan film.

Star Wars

2016, The year of the STAR WARS fan film?

In what is one of my favorite posts ever, Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion, I discussed one of my favorite toy lines that has been lost over time. Recently I have tried to return to this type of post because even though it takes a lot more work to do some research, I have the most fun with it



I also talked about how much I love Star Wars: Rebels and how one episode took an emotional toll on me. By the end of the second season I was a wreck. This show just keeps getting better and better as it goes along. I love that it got a couple nods in Rogue One.


STAR WARS: REBELS, ripped my heart out!

I ended the month with a little run down of what my family and I did over the Easter/Spring break from school and work. Had a great time, but I always do when I’m with my family and not at work.


Dork Highlights from Easter Break.

Also in March we got new trailers for Finding Dory, Ghostbusters, Kubo and the Two Strings, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Captain America: Civil War, Tarzan, and a slew of other films. Some of these movies were hits (very few) and some of these movies were flops. It’s interesting to look back at my first reactions and read about the awe I had for these films before reviewers and box office numbers took the steam out of them. Hey, it might do the movie world great to have that perspective and remember why they were excited for these movies in the first place.

We also got first looks at Spider-Man in Civil War, the new DuckTales, Flash and Supergirl’s CW team-up, a new Star Wars game (?), Batman: The Killing Joke, and more news and views.

Oh, and we got our first news that Harrison Ford was dusting off the ol’ bullwhip in 2019!

To read what I was writing about in March of 2016 check out this link…

March 2016


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