Year One – April 2016

At the beginning of my 3rd month of blogging about the silly stuff I like, I threw down the gauntlet at Hollywood regarding the potential reboot or restart or whatever they had planned for a new Dungeons and Dragons series of movies. Titled “Please Hollywood, Don’t Make Another Horrible D&D Movie!”, I pleaded with the Tinsel Town Demigods to take the subject seriously and finally make a good Dungeons and Dragons inspired flick. Also in the article I begin laying the groundwork for giving my long timeline with the Dungeons and Dragons brand.


Please Hollywood, Don’t Make Another Horrible D&D Movie!

a couple days later I wrote a little piece on the newest trailer for Disney’s film BFG. In a weird twist of fate this has been my most popular post. I really don’t know why but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.


New Trailer for Disney’s B.F.G.

On a whim I wrote about my love of one of the Masters of the Universes most over looked heroes, Moss Man. I loved doing this small and interesting post on the scratchy and pine smelling action figure.


sentiMENTAL Nostalgia – Moss Man

In April we also got our first look at Elliott from Pete’s Dragon. His look inspired a lot of hate but I defended it. I followed up the post with “My Top 5 Dragons In Movies”. This has been my 5th most popular post of 2016 and I’m very proud of that.


The Five Best Dragons in Movies

As the weather was starting to get nicer, my mind started to wonder to the summer which in turn makes me remember summers of my youth. One thing that will always stand out to me when it comes to summer in the ’80s is T&C Surf Designs.


sentiMENTAL Nostalgia – T &C SURF DESIGNS

Also in April of 2016 we got our first trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke, we got our first look at the fantastic movie Star Wars: Rogue One, a new trailer for Suicide Squad, the first Fantastic Beasts trailer, Doctor Strange had a magical trailer drop, the first trailer for A Monster Calls, Godzilla returned with a new trailer, and ton of other flicks slated for the summer of 2016.


Another film that released a trailer in April was the Russian “Super Hero” film “Guardians”. The post that I did for it has been very popular and a lot of people are really looking forward to this movie when it drops in America.

And sadly I had to report the death of actor Erik Bauersfeld  who voiced one of my favorite Star Wars characters Admiral Ackbar. This wasn’t the only loss of Star Wars heroes we lost in 2016.


If you wanna catch up on some of the other posts I wrote in April, please check out the link

April 2016


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