Year One – May 2016

May, the weather is getting better and hopes are soaring high as summer lays on the horizon. May is also the month of my wedding anniversary and 2016 was our 5th anniversary of wedded bliss (or close to it with 2 little monsters running amok).

At the end of April I was approached by a bigger movie site to write some articles for them. I began with writing a post about the trailer for “The Last King” and after being edited and critiqued I decided to try something else so I wrote about something that was making the rounds at the time. It’s hard to believe that it was only 8 months ago when people were taking about the whole Poe and Finn relationship angle. It feels much longer ago when almost everyone was weighing in on this delicate topic. Even though I had a positive outlook on the situation I was still very worried to post something like this.


 STAR WARS, FROZEN, and GLAAD – My Thoughts On The (Possible) Future.

I then followed it up with another positive post regarding how Hollywood could make a very pro-LGBT comic book movie with Alpha Flight. Sadly, both of these articles got cut, chopped, and edited on the site they originally appeared on so I decided to post them here unedited. At this point I was starting to think that the people who wanted me to write for them because I had a “unique voice” didn’t really like my “voice” at all. I even “punched” up the title to make it click bait-like with “Hollywood Should Make This Controversial Comic Book Movie” and I felt so damn dirty. Surprisingly, this is my second most popular post of 2016.

AlphaFlight015 Reasons Why Hollywood Should Make An ALPHA FLIGHT Movie

After that the site asked me to revisit my post “Please Hollywood, Don’t Make Another Horrible Dungeons and Dragons Movie” but this time make it positive (because that’s what there readers liked). So I wrote a very thoughtful post about how different genres could play out in the D&D cinematic universe.


5 Ways a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Movie Could Be Awesome!

After all of that I needed to get the bad taste outta my mouth, so I turned to the one thing that always brightens my day…toys. There have always been a few things that mar my memories as a kid and some of them are about those toys that slipped between my fingers.


5 Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid.

The month wasn’t all sunshine and daisies. We lost a very important member of the Disney family. Mr. Alan Young passed away. This passing hit me really hard because of my love of DuckTales and Scrooge McDuck himself.


Uncle Scrooge Fans Mourn as Alan Young Has Died At 96

In a strange twist of fate (if you will) a week or so before Mr. Young’s passing I did a birthday shout out to my BFF CoachDaddy who has been a constant structure of support for me and the blog. CoachDaddy is the biggest Scrooge fan EVER and I know Alan Young’s death hit him the hardest. I’m just glad he got to enjoy my birthday post a couple days before we learned of this tragic death.

uncle scrooge 01


The month of may was full of its ups and downs. We had a ton of new trailers and dork news tidbits. To catch up on all the action of May check out the link below.

May 2016

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