Year One – June 2016

June, summer is in full swing and like every summer I’m instantly happy. The trees have leaves again, the chirping of birds fill my mornings, and I can wear shorts. All is good in the world (well at least my little section of the world).

At the beginning of June I jumped into the social media pool. This was something completely alien to me because of my anti-social, introverted personality. Since then I think I’ve come out of my shell a little bit and in the process have met some truly fantastic people.

After a lack luster reception from the “other site” I was writing at, they offered me a writing course they had cooked up. I leapt at the oppuritunity to learn more about this whole blog/writing thing since it has been over 20 years since I did any writing in high school. It was eye-opening but it was 100% about writing like them and the more I read their courses the more I saw that I was giving up the fun and free wheeling things that were the reasons I even started blogging. But I tried anyway.

I had a plan to do a series and write about a different label dorks had for each post for each “lesson” in the course. In my mind, I could fall under a lot of different labels all by being the super mega-dork that I am. So I chose Furry to be my first label to tackle. Long story short, they idea was shot down and deemed stupid, so I don’t do anymore writing there even though my views and such were pretty good (for me anyways). But here is the original piece I wrote before they decided to rewrite some of it for me.


Man Of A 1,000 Labels: Can I Really Call Myself A Furry?

Again, I turned to toys to help smooth over this rough spot and I did another post about the toys I wished I had as a kid.


5 More Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid.

I also started a little mini-series on my top Nintendo games. I did a post for each year I was actively playing the system in the ’80s. It was really fun to do but it became a real chore to do research on. I should have learned to not count my dinosaurs before they hatch.


My Top 5 NES Games of 1986                                 My Top 10 NES Games of 1987

                                             My Top 10 NES Games of 1988

Then getting into the summer mood I thought back to a time in my life when I was scared of the Goat Man. It was a summer that I kicked off by reading the book “America’s Very Own Monsters” during my last week of elementary school for the year.



Also in June we saw the return of Voltron on Netflix, we got the first trailer for Stranger Things (and the world was never the same again), the first teaser for the Disney hit Moana, a new trailer for Tarzan, and a slew of other trailers.

To take a look at how June played out, please check the link below.

June 2016



12 thoughts on “Year One – June 2016

  1. Ok, since I just started following you, I’m obviously missing something. It is February 2017 but this post is about June 2016. Is this a look back or something else? Because it sounds like you are writing in the moment. Thanks….

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    1. I am writing in the moment as far as commenting on posts I’ve done over the past year. February is my one year anniversary of blogging. So it’s a little behind the music little greatest hits 😊

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