Year One – August 2016

August 2016 was the worse month when it came to me blogging. As far as life goes it was a great month. We took our annual vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina and my daughter celebrated her 4th birthday. Those 2 events are enough to shut down the entire month for our family with all of the planning, packing, and decorating.

One of the first things I wrote about in August was an awesome Transformers: Generation One fan film I stumbled onto. What makes this so great is the fact that these talented people made the costumes and made a great fan film.


Watch This Awesome Generation 1 TRANSFORMERS Fan Film, HERO

Another cool thing I found on the internet in August was this F’n awesome Pepsi commercial from Japan. Nothing in America is this epic, especially our ads.


This EPIC Japanese Pepsi Commercial Should Be Made Into A Movie…NOW!

Since my birthday in July I was playing the PS4 game No Man’s Sky. I loved the game and it was a great game to just sit back and play. I metric ton of people didn’t feel the same way and it was a witch hunt of epic proportions everywhere online. I had to cast in my 2 cents on the argument.


My Two Cents On The NO MAN’S SKY Scuttlebutt.

Also in August of 2016 we got our first look at Lord Vader in a Rogue One trailer, we got our first trailer for the Batman ’66 animated movie, we also got a new trailer for the Russian super hero movie Guardians

And in sad news I reported on the loss of Kenny Baker and in turn the loss of a piece of my childhood. A couple weeks later we lost another cinema hero, Gene Wilder. It was a really tough month when it came to losing those that added so much enjoyment to our lives over the years.

To check out some of the other posts from August, please click on the link below

August 2016

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