Year One – September 2016

Hot off the heels of the epic and awesome Transformers fan film Hero, I found a band that blew me away. Cybertronic Spree is the best of ALL THINGS!! Hear some of the best covers of ’80s cartoon theme songs played by some of the best Transformers “cosplayers” ever. Just rereading this post got me watching all of their videos again. Man….I love this band!!



The Band, CYBERTRONIC SPREE Has Left Me Speechless. All Transformers Fans Watch Now!

The next day I found something else on YouTube that impressed the crap outta me, a Star Wars fan project. This project went about recreating the stop motion effects of the Taun Taun and the Wampa and spliced them into The Empire Strikes Back flawlessly. So awesome and near and dear to my heart.


Wampa Me, Wampa You!

Continuing my trend of gratuitously long titles and ’80s memories I revisited the embarrassing world of ’80s cartoons. Always fun to work on posts like this.


5 More Cartoons I Should Be Ashamed I Loved…But Still Don’t.

In a very ballsy move I decided that I was going to start the Halloween celebration early on My Side Of The Laundry Room. Going against my wife’s advise of “It’s going to be too much.” and “You’re gonna get burned out.”, I did it anyway. Boy, was she right! I started easy enough by talking about the Creepy Clown stuff that was happening across America and the World. I drew parallels between these sighting and sightings that happened decades before. Creepy!!


Ripped From The Headlines…The Summer Of Scary Clowns.

A couple days later I posted an article on the odd Halloween costume choice, Kooky Spooks. Than a few days after that I had fun remembering Boglins. Two great bits of ’80s nostalgia.

KOOKY SPOOKS!!                                     BOGLINS!!

My next Halloween post was of something very, very close to my heart. I took a look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness role playing book and the awesome TMNT comic within its pages. I keep threating to do a series of all of these wonderful books and I hope to one day. I really have to learn how to take better pictures first.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Celebrate Halloween in “Don’t Judge A Book”

The next topic I tackled about Halloween was costumes. I always had a hand made costume and I discuss the pros and cons about it.


Halloween Costume Memories

Then I ended the month of September talking about something else that was near and dear to me, the Disney Halloween Special. I had fun reliving this treasure from my childhood.


Disney’s Halloween Treat

There were a couple of trailers I talked about also in September but mostly all I did was work on Halloween posts. It was loads of fun (at first) but it did consume me for most of September and October.

If you would like to see what else I was writing about in September of 2016, please click the link below.

September 2016

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