A Gigantic Thank You To Green Onion!

My weekend sucked. A stomach bug ravaged its way through our household. First my daughter fell prey to the illness, then my son. Eventually my wife and I succumb to the bug which is no wonder because we were the targets of projectile vomiting on a few occasions. For anyone that knows caring for a spirited 2 and 4 year old is hard enough without adding the fact that you can’t walk or string a sentence together without loosing the contents of your guts.

But a gleaming beam of light shot through the muck and mire on Saturday.


There a lot of new people I have met over my first year here at My Side Of The Laundry Room. ALL of the people have been fantastic, passionate, and knowledgeable about anything and everything they do. It has been such a place of beauty and intelligence I have found myself and I am very thankful for that. One of the first people that reached out to me and followed me was Green Onion. He was one of the first people that clicked liked and it made me feel so proud that at least one person enjoyed what I was writing.I in turned followed him and was absolutely blown away by his writing.

We both began around the same time and it was nice to see someone else just starting out supporting me. Since then he has been a rocket ship of awesomeness speeding way into a region of space that I hope to get to one day. But even as his thrusters have been propelling him upward he still has remained true to himself. He still is the supportive person he was when we both started this crazy blogging thing last year.


In the past I would have never come out of my shell enough to comment on his or anyone else’s blog but I have been making an effort over the last couple months. So I have never even told him before how much I have appreciated everything he has done for me. It may seem so small but on days when I would write something and only have one view, I would know it was him because he would “like” it. That meant a lot to me to keep going because I knew someone, somewhere enjoyed it (other than my friend CoachDaddy).

So it was such a surprise to get a mention from him in his latest and well deserved award. I appreciate it more than Green Onion realizes and it really got me through a day from hell on Saturday. So please, if you haven’t yet…make your way over to Green Onion’s Blog. You can start by clicking on the link below and reading about his latest award and the  undeserved praise he gave me. You shallot regret it…shit, was that too much?!


Green Onion’s Blogger Appreciation Award

Thanks again to Green Onion and to everyone that has supported me over the past year.Much love and respect!!



5 thoughts on “A Gigantic Thank You To Green Onion!

  1. Aww man! That is super nice of you. I’m glad to have connected with you on here and I absolutely love everything you write. This means a lot to me and I feel great knowing I’ve made an impact. You’re the best man, thanks!

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  2. Congratulations, Rob. I’m brand new to your blog, as you know, but the award seems very well deserved. All the best to you (and your family), and I hope you all stop throwing up soon!!


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