Year One – November 2016

November started out kinda slow with a couple of trailer, a bit of news, and a pre-Thanksgiving thank you to one and all that share My Side Of The Laundry Room with me. While I’m on the subject, THANK YOU!!

On Veteran’s Day I wrote a piece on a comic book that maybe not a lot of people know about. It was a very powerful comic from Mirage Comics called GRUNTS. At the time the comic came out I was very into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and when this hit the shelves I picked it up thinking it was just another Turtles comic. I was so wrong. GRUNTS was a strong and poignant comic filled with short stories about the horrors of war. That comic helped strip away the spectacle of war that I saw in Hollywood movies at the time. Movies like Rambo and Commando glorified war while GRUNTS shined a light on the emotions of fear, loss, and remorse.


 In Honor Of Veterans Day – GRUNTS

A few days later I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I was nominated by the awesome ladies over at Graphic Novelty² and still to this day I’m humbled and honored by their kind nomination.


Wow, I’ve Been Nominated For The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

In honor of election day I did a list of my favorite post apocalyptic and dark futures. It was just something my mind went to after the polls were closed and our new leader was chosen. My thoughts on the ending of the world as we know it were in jest, but now they don’t seem so far fetched.


My 5 Favorite Dark Futures & Wastelands

Next, I did a post about the cartoons my kids watch that I have grown to love. These are some great shows that I find myself watching when my kids are in bed and I just need a couple of minutes to decompress after a long day.


Cartoons My Kids Love, That I Now Love

In the trailer park we got a new and awesome Wonder Woman trailer, a great Ghost in the Shell trailer, a Beauty and the Beast trailer, a Full Metal Alchemist teaser, a great trailer for Kong: Skull Island, and a few others.

Well, that was November. Christmas decorations went up, turkey dinner went down, and Black Friday was celebrated. To check out my other posts in November, please click the link below.

November 2016


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