Year One – December 2016

December was another hectic month that put a damper on my postings.The first big thing I did in the month of December was a two part piece on the history of the LJN produced Dungeons and Dragons action figures. This was one of the most fun posts I’ve done. It required a ton of research but it was awesome to reconnect to my D&D past while also taking a look at the world of the 1980s. When you’re a kid living in the ’80s a lot of these things fly under your radar, so it was nice to read about these times with an jaded old man’s perspective.


The Brief But Magical Life Of Dungeons & Dragons Toys – Part One.


The Brief But Magical Life Of Dungeons & Dragons Toys – Part Two.


Carrie Fisher (4).jpeg

The biggest and saddest news for Star Wars fans happened on December 27, 2016. At 60 years old Carrie Fisher had passed away from a heart attack she suffered from on a flight from the UK to California. This death, among others in 2016, left me speechless. I have eulogized a few fallen idols over the year but with Fisher’s and a handful of others, I couldn’t bring myself to write about them. She and all of our loved ones we lost in 2016 will be missed.

In December we got our first look at Tom Cruise’s Mummy Impossible, the first trailer for James Gunn’s The Belko Experiment, the awesome trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, a trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes got a trailer, and the return of Blade Runner got its first trailer.

To see more stories and trailers from December, check out the link below.

December 2016

2 thoughts on “Year One – December 2016

  1. I just watched Cap3: civil war last week and I have to say, I am pretty stoked to see the new Spiderman. I am/was a huge Toby fan and pretty much poo-poohed the 2 Garfield spiderman movies, but my goodness, Holland has me almost “anxious” to see how he does in his own movie. I was wicked impressed with him in C3…

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