Nostalgic Ramblings From A Dangerous Mind – X-Memories

I have always prided myself on my memory. I don’t mean like remembering if I paid bills, important dates, or people’s names…I’m horrible at that stuff. No, I mean the memories of my youth and almost anything that my brain has tagged with an emotion. Hence me being a hated man during arguments because I do remember the facts no matter what the other person says.


My brain has always been able to latch onto emotional based memories. I think that is why I have been able to remember in vivid detail memories from when I was three years old, good and bad. Which I might add gives me pause to what my kids will remember when they’re older. I can remember nightmares I’ve had over the years, starting with one where I was afraid of Frankenstein’s Monster and the only person who could save me was my much older cousin. I envisioned my cousin  as Robin Hood because he was starting to learn how to bow hunt. I remember he came up over a hill side and began firing arrows and scared the beast away, then I woke up.

I can remember the dream, the lightning that arced behind the lumbering monster, and even how my room was set up at that time in my life. I don’t know if others remember things like this. I’ve been a pretty solitary creature for most of my life and the moments I did spend with people weren’t spent talking about childhood nightmares. Of course the older I have gotten, I now find it easier to make connections with people. Marriage, children, and this blog have all helped with that. But still memories and stuff don’t come up in everyday conversion.


Now with all of that out of the way I can now get into the whole reason I’m writing this. Forgetting things. In my last Nostalgic Ramblings post I talked forgetting about a local toy store in the mall and how it made me feel. I also talked about how nostalgia in general makes me feel all anxious and what not. I’ve always been able to trust my memories but when they fail me it scares me.

But this is something that is a little different. I wanted to write a post about some of the bat-shit crazy explanations Marvel gave for some of the mutations in the X-men. I started out writing the creative side of the post and stuff. Since I’m at work writing this I didn’t have all of my resource materials with me. As soon as I got home I dove into my long boxes to uncover the books I thought I was looking for. I thumbed through the pages until I found the exact page I was looking for. I read it…then reread it…then I read it again for good measure and it was NOT what I was looking for. I franticly flip through other comics, books, and role playing supplements, none of which had what I was looking for. As I stood there in my side of the laundry room I felt lost. Was I going crazy?

I spent a good portion of the night doing Google searches. Each time I would look I would rearrange the wording or add and subtract words in hopes of yielding any type of answer. I found NOTHING. I then sent an email to a buddy of mine that I’ve been friends with since the 5th grade. I asked if he remembered what I was talking about and if he remembered where we read this little nugget of information at. See, this factoid was so bonkers insane that it was something we joked about for decades.

I finally got a response email this morning. He did remember but couldn’t remember where it was from. He offered up a few ideas but sadly they were books I had already flipped through last night and another that we both had lost over time and would have no way of getting any time soon.


It was great to get some validation that I was not going insane but I’m still climbing the walls because I can’t remember where I read it at.

So let me ask you…yes you loyal reader where this information came from.

When the X-men were first created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the term “mutant” was one of wonderment and fear. In a 2004 interview, Stan Lee said   “I couldn’t have everybody bitten by a radioactive spider or exposed to a gamma ray explosion. And I took the cowardly way out. I said to myself, ‘Why don’t I just say they’re mutants. They were born that way.'” Lee devised the series title after Marvel publisher Martin Goodman turned down the initial name, “The Mutants,” stating that readers would not know what a “mutant” was.


Sadly some of the writers and creative teams behind the “Mutants” at Marvel didn’t understand what a mutant was either. Being born with a super power is an easy McGuffin that doesn’t need to be explained, but some decided that they did need to be explained. These explanations proved to be even more far fetched than simply being born with a mutant power. This odd trend only seemed to effect the newer members of the X-Men, but even one of the original members of “Marvel’s Mighty Mutants” got a bonkers explanation – I’m looking at you Scott Summers.

Now I’m not talking about the funky retconning they did to Cyclops’ optic blast. It originally was based on solar absorption then they changed it to his eyes being gateways to another dimension…c’mon Marvel, why? I digress, sorry.

80 Colossus_

What I’m talking about was something insane they wrote about the teams gentle giant Colossus. I once read that when Colossus transformed into his metal coated form he was actually switching bodies with a person of a metal race in another dimension. It wasn’t cool enough to just say “He Was Born That Way” and could turn to metal….no, he had the totally bat-shit power of switching bodies with some poor schmuck somewhere else in time and space. Imagine that poor bastard, a dude use to being metal and doing stuff metal people do. Then…WHAM…soft squishy human flesh. What if that poor dude was carrying a heavy rock or trucking across a lava river or something? Poor dude!! I swear it even said it was a dimension where it was barbaric. I could have thought that myself while counting down the reasons it would suck to have your body forcibly switched on you daily by Pyotr Nikolayevich Rasputin. If that was true, imagine being on the battlefield. Swords and axes swinging every which way. Your metal frame deflecting oncoming attacks, then ZIPPITY POW…flesh!!! WTF!!

Remember, when you see this there is a guy somewhere that can’t do this anymore.

So anyway, does ANYONE remember this bit of bizarre X-Men trivia? If so, where was it from. Hopefully not somewhere easy and I’m not just being a dullard. Remember, it is real no matter how odd it sounds.


I have scraped my original post for the sake of just knowing the truth….please HELP!!

Thank you,

Keep Being Rad & Stay Dorky






19 thoughts on “Nostalgic Ramblings From A Dangerous Mind – X-Memories

  1. This is a reach but way back in I wanna say 84 maybe 83 there was a card set put out by maybe a company called Pacific. Any way I digress on the back there was a little box at the bottom of “Did you know” and there all kinds of ridiculous facts and that might have been were you saw it. Other then that no idea.

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  2. I’m leaning toward’s Coach Daddy’s idea of it being on one of the card sets.
    ….. 1hr later…..

    I just checked my cards [Marvel Universe 90-95 and Marvel Masterpieces I and II] and I couldn’t find anything on any of the Colussus cards. So it’s not on those cards…

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  3. I so wish I could help you out! But I can’t say this sounds familiar. I LOVE it though. And, honestly, I’ll probably be spending an unexpectedly large portion of tonight thinking about that other dude who get stuck with the fleshy human body when Colossus has to do his thing. That would be so horrible!!! And he’d never be ready for it either!!! (On a related note, your caption under the picture of the bullets bouncing off Colossus literally made me laugh out loud. I’m still chuckling as I type.) I’m trying to come up with some option for where it could have been. Did they do cards with the old Toy Biz figures or anything like that? Could it have been from some toy tie-in or something? That’s all I’ve got man. Good luck on your search!!

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    1. Thank you…in a day or two I’ll move on but it’s driving me batty now. I need to check some more in my collection but other than that I need to start searching for older books I don’t have anymore that might have it. I also have a ton of cards I can look thru too…ugh.

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  4. Not to be pushy, but if you ever wanted to do a post about cards, comics and otherwise, as a post, I think that would be awesome. And if you clarified your position on the Pog Question, I for one, would feel much better knowing where you stand on such important issues…

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    1. LOL. I would love to do a post on cards but in honesty I wouldn’t know where to begin and would use all of my storage up with so many pictures. Pogs…have to say they were after my time but I did have some that I thought were cool looking. I never played it or have any idea how to play it. Sorry I don’t have a stronger stance on the Pog issue…don’t want to start a Pogger-gate.

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      1. Oh and comics….I do most of my writing away from my collection. I have a lot of ideas for posts but need the reference materials handy. This Colossus issue is an example of that.


  5. I think I’ve read most X-Men comics and I have to say this Colossus story isn’t one I remember, maybe like one of the previous comments, this was from a card set maybe? I’ll be wracking my brains now trying to figure this one out as well LOL 🙂

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    1. It was either a card or an off the wall 2nd tier publisher that did a X-men piece. I too have never read it in the comics and my aim at Marvel is misguided but hey they can take the criticism. They after all went with the whole Cyclops eyes being dimensional portals thing. It was something from somewhere from someone that was so off the wall that it stayed with me after all these years and was a joke for a group of us for a long time. Thanks for your help!!

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      1. Yes, I think you are right, its not something I recall from the comics. You’re welcome, been having a good think about it, but couldn’t think of anything else. Hope you find out one way or the other 🙂

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      2. When I get a few extra bucks I plan on buying some old books I used to have. Maybe it will be in one of those. The only mention of anything close to what I’m thinking is in the Deluxe Handbook of the Marvel Universe comic from 1985-ish that says his powers could be extra-dimensional in origin. Gives me hope that I’m on the right track!!

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